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I listened to a fair bit of comedy stations while touring the USA, and a lot of stand up seems to be super focused on sex, drugs, fart jokes and race to the point it gets tiring to listen to very quickly - most of it has no comedic value and is just the novelty of someone talking dirt.

Then whatever you were listening to is not even a quarter of the good comedians in our country. If it was FM radio, well that's your problem, honestly. Sirius XM is the only way to go if you want good comedy shows.

It was Sirius, with the four or five different stations.

My issue is probably more to do with a lot of American stand up being junk.

Don't get me wrong, about 25 percent of the comedians on there are decent. The rest is someone talking about dirty sex like it's some sort of huge novelty, or screaming at the audience about feces. I wish I was exaggerating.

Don't get me wrong, i'll chuckle at the occasional fart joke. But repeating it over and over again as the central plot of your act is tiring and lazy.

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The post new console release drought is upon us. It sucks for sure.

It seems to me though now more than ever there is always a stream of interesting little titles coming out here and there that keep things interesting, if you have steam ofc.

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Whoa, 5 years and 8 months later...

It was a largish grey so it wasn't all that bad.

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O hey, my wolf among us save is at the start of episode one, while I completed episode 2 the other day.

Fuck this game I want to kill someone right now. Fix your fucking game assholes. RAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEE.

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I had to quit playing dota 2. As great as the game is it was ruining my mood and my life.

Ranked matches seem to be the best way to avoid games with people quitting in the first 2 mins. But ranked matchmaking as a support is such a fucking trial at the level I am at and unfortunately the more you lose the deeper that hole goes. I'll admit i'm not pro or anything, but I feel like any given game I have a 20 percent chance of being matched with a team that won't have deliberate feeders, assholes and quitters. I'm not even talking about people being bad, that's something I can forgive. Those situations where you work your ass off for an hour and the whole team throw a game or the carry disconnects or the team wont push to win are just too rage inducing for me to handle.

Sure it's great when things come together, but it's just not worth the other 65 percent of bullshit.

Lets do the math, 20 percent chance at a decent game. Games go about an hour including draft and matchmaking time etc. That's 5 Hours of investment for 1 hour of fun. If your a twelve year old with nothing better to do that's fine. Maybe that's part of the problem. Ultimately I know I'm just asking for trouble trying to support in pub games and I should be playing with people I know, but yeh timezones.

I'd rather invest my time watching tournament games, so I settle with that and i'm happier for it.

Otherwise I might rage at the occasional run of FTL, or if a game bugs out on something I put some work into, or the stars align and the game throws me a bullshit chain of events.

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Pretty hyped this is getting a PC release. This is the one thing I was feeling bad about probably missing out on without an XBone. I don't know if Microsoft has consciously lifted their grip on withholding for pc or if they just can't convince anyone to give an exclusive anymore, but i'm not sure that it's not hurting the XBone. Of course it would be fine if they hadn't already burnt a pc following so hard on the last console and GFWL, but they don't seem to have much control in the pc domain now days.

Then again maybe most of the research says most people will either pick a console, or pick neither and go pc.

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So I was browsing the wasteland that is the windows 8 store on my yoga 2 pro and came across this game which appears to be a port of an old school rts from back when they were all the rage. Finding virtually nothing online regarding this game aside from some middling reviews regarding its original release, I took a gamble and picked it up for 7 bucks (AUD, prob 5 bucks USD?)

Now I've been scouring for something equating to a full featured rts on touch devices (apple, android) for the last 4 years, it's all been pretty fucking average tbh - a few small tech demoey, overly ambitious one man projects with no character.

I'm just a few levels into this but it seems pretty freaking decent, the artstyle is beautifully bitmapped, the voice acting is competent and the story is interesting enough.

There are three separate factions with their own campaigns - there is a game here. I dunno I'm only a few levels in, but the overall level of quality is far beyond anything else I've seen in this now niche genre, mainly I think because it's from a different time when developers had different priorities and gamers expected different things. Games like this seemingly don't exist anymore due to the lack of interest with modern gamers or the inclusion of gameplay compromising micro-transactions.

So anyway, decent games that utilise touch, specifically on windows 8 are few and far inbetween (there is like civ 5 and that's it.) and I came across this with dumb luck, so I figured it was worth putting a word in for it so anyone else who finds this right up their alley (as I do) can check it out, because I've been browsing for something like this since touch controls became a thing.

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The differences talked about in his thread are irrelevant to the larger picture.

This thread seems to be a vehicle to bash Kinect and the xbone.

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I believe it's called "the manchild effect."

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Welcome to every Industry ever.

File this one under "facts of life."