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SPORE was a pretty harsh hit against it's expectations.

And then I found out i couldn't even give it away to my sister because of some shitty DRM. Fortunately they loosened that restriction slightly and she got some fun out of it so i guess it wasn't a complete waste. The new sim city was pretty awful to. RIP maxis.

Anyone else care to vote for the PlayStation Move? Useless piece o' crap.

I got some small use out of it, okami alone almost makes it worthwhile. I actually played a bunch of killzone 3 with it and it was pretty ok - preferable to the shitty dual shock sticks even. Hey at least they didn't bundle their POS camera so you HAD to pay for it!

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I bought this ages ago and didn't finish the first act.

Can anyone incentivise me?

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I just wanted to bump this thread.

Not just because the OP is well written, but mostly because everyone is probably being super tolerant right now so I figure I can get away with shameless DW support.

Actually mainly because Jeff on the bombcast this week justifying why he was playing that free to play MARVEL heroes game or whatever was like exactly the same reasoning behind some of my time with these games and I just wanted to point that out.

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@alexw00d said:

Oh ok was wondering what that was all about, I thought he referenced the forums so I wasn't exactly sure what that was all about. I've found the GB community generally 10 times better than anywhere else on the internet for most things so it seemed a little suprising to me, particularly regarding something like this.

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I dunno i'm getting the impression there was some sort of forum drama regarding ryan or something - I missed it all. Just judging from some status's and jeffs letter on the front of the site. Also there is a bunch of silly threads regarding GBey off topic threads regarding things like condiments, that's usually something that crops up to lessen tensions in forums after drama.

So i'm guessing your thread was probably a victim of heightened mod tension.

I'm sort of unclear whether we are supposed to read between the lines regarding jeffs open letter in terms of expectations in these forums. Maybe they are moving towards some sort of lower tolerance in moderation or something. That might be bad for me because I swear a fucking shitload.

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@slag: Makes a lot of sense. I played Warcraft back in the day but never got into the dota mod for whatever reason but I'll stick with it and see if the adaption does eventually occur.

It does.

I'd recommend watching some pro games, If you can get a ticket in game you can also watch from the players perspective. Watching a few games like this is the single fastest way to learn in my opinion.

Especially given the International ticket is a bit of a must buy for its rewards, i'd recommend checking out some of the qualifier games. General spectating of these games and listening to the commentary will give you a good sense of how the game is played and what is focused on as far as the strengths and weaknesses of specific heroes and strategies. Also it's a great sport to watch for pure entertainment.

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@novadth said:
@sweep said:

@notdavid said:

@peterh said:

Congrats to Nova.

So, sweep, now that the game is over, will you tell us who you were?

The only people that could see the message he posted were NovaDTH (NovaDTH), jou321 (unknown), Rowr (Rowr), Cersei (myself), Liff (you), and virtualpolecat (unknown, and I think he was AFK at the time). And, of course, Fake Sweep.

He only could've been jou321, or Real Sweep was Fake Sweep the whole time.

Unless I was actually in contact with the guy pretending to be me, and he was trying to tarnish my name, and he sent me the screenshot as proof.

I told him to have at it. My name is pretty tarnished already :D

One person who was not in that group told me in game that they had read that message. That person? SWEEP2!

Is that the code cracked?

Though in-game Sweep renamed starts and that's a premium feature. I'm torn. I'll never know the answer :(

Maybe for the best that the universe doesn't exactly remember which sweep caused such horrible space atrocities and can focus on a bright elitist future in ROWRTOPIA plotting to one day overthrow their peasant NOVA neighbours.

If we do another one of these some time in the future, we should all agree before the game starts to assume alternate identities though, so previous alliances aren't a factor and we are all stuck endlessly guessing who the hell anyone else is.

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I'm in favour of them rotating hosts to keep it fresh.

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@rasmoss said:

We're constantly being told the narrative that launching new IP is too risky, and this is why publishers keep launching sequels.

But there are a ton of examples of new IP doing absolute gangbusters:

Watch Dogs is the current example, but also:

Assassin's Creed, Halo, God of War, Gears of War, Bioshock, Dragon Age

The first games in those series were big hits in their time, to name a few. If the game looks good, people tend to get hyped about it.

This is more of a thing post Halo, gears, god of war, AC etc Those games are now in their fifth (or more) iterations so these are all lousy ass examples.

As far as Watchdogs, ubisoft pumped a ton of marketing into it so no one was ever going to miss it, that requires a lot of money. Strangely this title stood out just for the fact it is basically the only new AAA IP in 3 fucking years.

I'm not sure exactly how successful the bioshock games have actually commercially and i'm pretty sure the original dragon age probably did "just fine" and more off the back of it being one of biowares new things.

It's at the point that it is too damn expensive to "risk" throwing millions at a new IP when you have a sure thing in investing in something known.

If it's not "risky" it's at least not as safe, it's no myth - a ton of marketing people are employed to work out the best possible outcomes and analyse the risks.

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Nvidia got involved.

Gotta sell that 3000 dollar graphics card somehow.

Fuck this game.