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@fobwashed: That image is ridiculously powerful, great work duder. This post pretty closely mirrors how I'm feeling and my relationship to gaming culture.

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:( I'll miss you Ryan.

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They've been making some big, much needed changes to beta so this isn't surprising or upsetting to me. I'm glad they are changing things around now rather than shipping something and then patching it.

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I know the bastion soundtrack goes into ...Steam\steamapps\common\Bastion\Soundtrack so it's probably the same for this.

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I had a good time playing on the server today with everyone dying to lamp posts and cacti it was crazy! Thanks for hosting a server Jeff

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Login is Rowz

Love the drifting, don't like the handling while on walls and loops though.

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I'd take gameplay or story over graphics

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Portal 2
Mass Effect 3
Assassin's Creed 3
Episode 3 (yea right)
Batman Arkham City
Forza 4 - maybe but I'm still trying to finish every race in 3 for the achievement.
Starcraft 2 expansion - if blizzard actually puts one out  
Diablo 3 (ha as if that will come out any time soon)
I'm interested in LA Noire but I'm not really sure what it's going to be

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If what you are saying is 4.0.6 is coming out you would already be able to download it like you always are able to.

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Present day or when The Truth from AC2 took place that area looked really neat but there probably isn't enough of it for it to be its own thing.

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