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Did anyone ever check out the "director's cut" of Human Revolution? I heard they addressed the problems with the boss battles in that version. Seems like the sort of thing worth playing through as a refresher before this game.

Yeah I'd be interested to know this aswell. I *really* liked HR, but one of those boss fights got me to put the game down and I never picked it up again.

Yup. They delivered. They delivered in a way that made some boss fights almost not really even feel like boss fights anymore, but I think I'm saying that just because I actually got used to the jank of the original version. The very first boss, in the original, took place in a room with some cover and your best bet was to spam the bastard with explosives. In Director's Cut, if I remember correctly, there are numerous vents and little hallways to snoop around in where he can't quite get to you, and exploring will lead to a computer that you can hack and make turrets pop up to do most of the work for you until he blows them up. So they did soften up the combat requirements a lot, as promised.

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These are insanely good. I am so envious that you can pull off that style so damn well. I feel like I'd have to throw up another hundred drawings before I'd have the confidence to handle a marker like that. So bold! So beautiful.

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Seriously though, more courses is FANTASTIC. I love this game, and I'd love more courses.

But also, where's Birdo?!

She's still trying to piece her life together after losing everything in the District A market crash.

Holy crap, that's one hell of a mythology gag right there...!

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Exciting times. Scary times, but exciting. We're never okay with change until after it's happened, so I can only wait and see how this will pan out.

Now it's just another short leap in the same direction to make Giant Bomb an international franchise, eh? I know how to handle a camera and a jog wheel. Hit me up when it's time for Europe to shine!

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I love that this game exists.

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Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate it, and I hope things get easier on you soon.

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Yeah, no. They have a lot to prove with this one and I'm extremely not sold on that design.

I also see literally no reason to trust Valve with this. Yeah, they're a good developer with great business sense, but we all know how much experience they have with hardware, right? My trustometer for this project is starting at absolute zero.

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I guess we use "military shooter" to mean different things. When you say military, I think Call of Duty, I think Medal of Honor and Battlefield. I do not think Halo or Gears of War or Warhammer 40k. I also don't think there's anything particularly casual about either Modern Warfare or Jedi Knight, so since I have no idea what that part of your post referred to, either, I guess we have pretty much no common semantic ground and it would probably be best to drop the subject entirely.

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Because simply being a Star Wars game disqualifies it from being a military shooter and thus makes it about 50 times more inspiring than any multiplayer shooter that's come out in the past half decade or so?