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Hahahaha yeah I got the idea from him and the info about when it was first made

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^^^^ Your joke is terrible

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your photo didn't come up

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@benpicko: Nice

Dat mean the joke would be the worst joke more dan 4eva

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i say its the worst joke 5ever

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im just getting people choice on is it the worst joke ever

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Why did the chicken cross the road ? To get to the other side a joke that's still around a joke that puts smiles on children's faces is the oldest joke ever maybe.

In March 1847 in New York city it was first written as a poem and now its a joke but when you here it you don't find it funny anymore and people have made alternative jokes to why did the chicken cross the road.

The joke makes has no meaning.

So today we shall discuss is the joke why did the chicken cross the road the worst and oldest joke ever your choice.

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It wouldn't be a bug its got about 1000+ forums about it i want to know why?

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Yeah I screwed up in the post and wouldn't let me edit its ment to say why is ssf4 over taken by stf 4 in fourms and ssf4 it has better graphics better maps more characters better themes and just a lot better and ssf4 AE that's just advanced ssf4 and its still not there in popular forums and the last evo 2012 was in ssf4 AE and sf4 still popular ?

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