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@_chad: phew... Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks it is :)

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@cornbredx: oops, now I feel like an idiot... Thanks a lot :)

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@cornbredx: that was the picture I took! I couldn't get the link to post.. But that was the exact thing I posted with my question attached! I saw that in the church and immediately knew I had to take a picture. It was super touching.. I hope it was for Ryan :(

P.s. I know it's too convenient, but I really was the one who tweeted the picture, I saw it and had to post it for the #ThanksRyan day on July 3rd

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Sorry people, I suck at the Internet.. Maybe this link works?

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So the Xbox One version of Guacamelee came out around the one year anniversary of Ryan Davis' death.. This is the first time I played the game, so I apologize if this was in the original version, but I noticed this little piece of art in the church (conveniently enough) and thought maybe it could be for him? Let me know what you think, I swear I'm not trying to just get attention, I was genuinely touched..

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@the_ruiner: Glad it's not just me.. I was laughing in a "are you kidding me?" sort of way when it happened. Cause I really need all the help I can get in this game!

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And she didn't come into the boss fight with me! Has anyone else experienced something like this? Just wondering if its a glitch or if I have to do something to make her come into the room to fight the Flexile Sentry. Also its probably worth noting that I totally suck at this game... Which is too bad cause I really love the monster design and the way the world and equipment looks!

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Hmm.. I'll have to try some of these! Thanks for the help everyone! If all else fails, I'll call customer service. Just wanted to see if there was a way to avoid that haha..

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So I own both Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV.. I know that you can get 30 bucks in E-shop credit if you own both of them, but only if you register them. I bought them both on the E-shop, but didn't realize it only registers them if you have a club Nintendo account that is linked to your 3ds. So I guess I'm wondering if there's a way to register them after I already bought them digitally since I can't seem to find a way considering there's no serial or PIN number it came with. I hope I didn't screw myself out of a pretty decent deal haha...

Edit: I didn't mention I created a club Nintendo account about 5 minutes ago and my 3ds wasn't registered til then as well

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@Phatmac: I definitely liked it actually! It's funny cause I was the one posting all this stuff about it first since I happened to get the game a week early and was giving people details about certain things. It was awesome to get a game like that early!