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If you find it utterly necessary to power-game so hard and it's not fun for you, then stop playing the game.

Also the character does matter: Wolfman is utterly broken. As Wolfman, as soon as you get to one level 2 you win. Activate it, get two more gems banked, build mass without banking more gems, repeat until you're near the top, get Wolfman's level 4, and clearing one line anywhere will crush the entire stack down, even lines below it.

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@pierre42 said:


Naw man, Dan's out of his comfort zone with this one.

All in on Brad: He's got the competitive streak to go the distance when others buckle.

Assuming he doesn't try to act like he's above caring. I think it's between Dan and Drew, as long as Drew doesn't get drunk again. Brad is Brad at videogames, Jeff is apparently cursed with anti-luck, Dan actually understands how to play Mario Party to win, and Drew is a happy medium who has a mixture of the strengths and weaknesses of the other three, packaged in a mild-mannered Dexter lookalike and is just as deadly if given the opportunity.

Also Mario Party is eSports.

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There's a big problem with Goomba's Greedy Gala that's not the roulette wheel: the Goomba dice spaces destroy movement potential and it quickly gets boring after 15 turns or so. By forcing you to play an event that either gives you 10 coins or sends you to Start, it makes the only actually correct option to run around the green loop, collecting money from the roulette wheel, items, and crushing people with the mega mushroom until either the star ends up in a fortuitous position for you or you can buy a lamp.

Plus there are only three battle game spaces, one which is on a path that no one is ever going to have a reason to go down, and two that are behind so many spaces that can send you to different spaces on the board that they'll never even get passed, let alone have the chance to be landed on. But all MP4 maps have this problem of too few battle spaces, because MP4 is one of the worst games in the series, so it's not really something that can be helped.

Also, considering Dan probably doesn't remember Mario Party 4 as well as he does the N64 ones: can we actually turn off mini-game explanations for this one? Just let everyone scramble to figure out what they're doing. It's not like it makes things any less fair, and it will cut out roughly 30 minutes of nothing happening but one person reading text on a screen because the other three people are too uninterested to read it themselves.

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I'm torn on which would be most annoying, but I think Goomba's Greedy Gala and its random-ass roulette wheel clinches it for me. That would be genuinely infuriating after 50 turns (or, heck, 10).

It's a casino; nothing is random. Just gotta have deep enough pockets.

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I'm curious, and can't find the information anywhere: Does ITSP support cross-platform play between 360 and PC? It's just the Games for Windows Live thing that's confusing me about it.

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That's almost as long as the live stream was! Which was just us replacing nouns of titles or quotes with "Batman".  So why the fuck did I stay on for that entire time?! But it seems everyone's just about done. Almost everyone who's actually chatting (though there's apparently still 330 people watching and 185 people chatting) has given their final "good luck, have Batman!" and I'm finally going to leave the spot I've been sitting for EIGHT hours and go eat for the first time today. 
Here's hoping I make it past the door without collapsing.

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Hooray for DLC, I suppose.

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Yes, I'm aware that there is no SSB4 or whatever, but I've been reading a lot of people's speculation on a new Smash Bros. and what characters they'd like to see in it. A thread that noted the protagonist of Okami, Amaterasu, being in SSB didn't have many suggestions for how she could play, at least not very detailed ones. 
This is a character profile for Amaterasu that I wrote back in November of '08 in a now run-down little forum that destroyed itself, despite my predicting it from about January. 
The first post I made about it: 

 SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content

I posted an explanation post, detailing things about terminology from the game that might not have been understood, but luckily, since this is Giant Bomb, you can just look at the Okami wiki for details. 
The second post was for her grabs, which I had forgotten to include. 
SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content
Out of all of that, in the year since I wrote it, I'd probably only change the Final Smash details to just automatically drawing a brush technique, rather than making the player do it. Other than that, I think it's a pretty good, comprehensive character profile sheet. 
The only thing that is wrong with it is that I put so much time and effort into writing all of it when I did (like, almost two hours) for nothing. I don't write videogame fanfiction, but I suppose when they do take a look at what they're doing, they must feel similarly.
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AgentJ said:
Is this the best deal in gaming since the Orange Box? I cant think of anything since

Wow, that's exactly what I thought, glad to see I wasn't the only one.

I'm not too surprised by them being able to fit the games all on one disc, the technology isn't that far-fetched anymore.


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Cool, since the place that used to have Brawl tourneys that I'm registered with diversified itself to get more members, I'll go along with this. I'm getting a V-Box, too, so if anyone wants to play games longer than 3 minutes with me, that's cool, I can record it (I'll post when I do have the V-Box, I don't at the moment though). I won't post too much though, mostly because I'm already trying to just keep on top of topics from about 5 different gaming sites and some TV show sites along with preparing to move house and I'm trying to learn some computer languages so I can begin my journey in game development.

Anyway, short version: I'm in, won't be posting all that much.

By the way, anyone wondering, the DSi is… AWESOME!!!! The one time something came to Australia first!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAA



P.S - Brawl has been here for almost a year, just clarifying.