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I've been listening to Joyce Manor's latest record since it was officially released on the 23rd. It's pretty good!

Though, if you're unfamiliar, I strongly advise starting with their debut self-titled record from 2011. It is goddamn fantastic.

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I bought the Xbox One version over the PS4 and am completely satisfied. I don't know why it would really matter. I think I would have been either way.

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I've used Bank of America since 2008, but would like to switch to a credit union in the near future.

Though, I've heard certain credit unions impose daily spending limits and I am not cool with that. I'd never let a bank tell me how much of my money I could spend in one day.

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Dallas, TX, USA

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Lately, it's been a lot of the new Andrew Jackson Jihad record Christmas Island.

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My car is a manual. I work in the service department of a car dealer in Texas. 95% of cars that I see are automatics. In fact, the manufacturer I work for isn't even making manuals available. They usually have to be special ordered because demand is waning.

@spoonman671 said:

I've thought about learning to drive manual, just so I could if I had to, but then I'd have to turn my music down to hear the engine. I don't have any interest in doing that, or in keeping my eye on the RPMs instead of the road.

Actually after you have driven a manual for a while, it becomes second nature, it doesn't even consciously register that I am shifting or needing to shift, I just do it.

This is true. Drive your car long enough, and you'll just stop thinking about it.

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@matcept: "Pacifist" took me about forty minutes to get. That gas gun is not very easy to fire from a moving helicopter. Also, I had to redo the whole thing over again because the armored vehicle at the end actually ran over one the dudes I knocked out.

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I just finished the "Eliminate Renegade Threat" Side Op for the second time. After having a somewhat difficult time my first go-around actually killing the targets all sneaky-like, I decided to go after the "Depth" trophy/achievement which involves extracting the two targets via helicopter as opposed to killing them.

Fortunately, I had a pretty decent and stealthy run. Managed not to kill either target and ended up only killing one dude by mistake.

Feel free to share your best runs!

(Not that it matters, but this was screencapped from the PS4.)

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Good luck to you. I am currently trying to endeavor the same thing.

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I really miss the way Screened was before the buyout. The features like "Defending Your Movie," "Remake Rematch," and "Besties" were some of my favorites. Plus, I credit Alex and Rorie's contributions on Screened for turning me into an even bigger film nerd.

Remember the good times and all that. Here's hoping Rorie and Alex can contribute more pieces and opinions about film on Giant Bomb outside of a premium podcast. "On a website about video games," you say? I mean, the main podcast is pretty much about woodworking now. I think it can happen.