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I used the mic and the walking ten paces trick. I dunno, man. Having to game the end of it took me out of the experience.

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Wow, what a nightmare.

To think, this was one of the games that sold me on a PS4 in the first place.

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La Bomba Gigante will miss you. duder.

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I honestly didn't know when they were putting it out. To my knowledge it's always been "some time in 2014." Admittedly, I've been too preoccupied replaying the shit out of the original to even notice.

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I was super looking forward to this when they first announced it, but everything around it just looks and feels incredibly disappointing. Guess I'll stay on the Xbox One for my racing game needs.

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I literally just got finished watching an archive video of Vinny and Alex playing Shadow of Mordor for an hour and a half. There's so much video game content on this site. I'm sorry, dude, I have to disagree.

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Machete Kills.

Man, I really liked that fake trailer for Machete the first time I saw Grindhouse (which I fucking loved. Saw it three times in the theater). The first proper film that came from that was fine. Not great, just fine.

Machete Kills takes that initial joke and stamps on its face until it isn't recognizable or even funny anymore.


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I have an OG Vita and I love the screen and have no qualms with battery life for the most part.

I do wish I didn't have to use the dumb proprietary charging cable, though.

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I've been listening to Joyce Manor's latest record since it was officially released on the 23rd. It's pretty good!

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Though, if you're unfamiliar, I strongly advise starting with their debut self-titled record from 2011. It is goddamn fantastic.

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I bought the Xbox One version over the PS4 and am completely satisfied. I don't know why it would really matter. I think I would have been either way.