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To go through this again so soon after the 3DS' constant barrage of "IT'S DOOMED" really is mind numbing.

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GTA IV had a much better radio soundtrack. Not in terms of personal taste, but in terms of it being more varied. There was even a jazz station!

My favorite stations had to be Jazz Nation Radio, ElectroChoc (barring Gay Tony's additions; horrendous), and The Journey.

While those are my favorites offhand, I liked most of what the radio had to offer anyways.

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That is adurrable.

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@kosayn said:

If they're catering to edge cases like this, then I should hope they'll get off their ass and release a proper two stick XL model by next fall. And they might actually pose the problem to their engineers of keeping the screens from reliably scratching themselves when the clamshell is closed.

Why force another 3DS model when you can get the Circle Pad Pro (for 3DS and XL) off of Nintendo's website for $20?

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It seems he took his own advice and choked on it.

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Oh man, this DVR can play games too? Dude whaaat

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Oh goodness.