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These are some fantastic achievements. The " Problem Solved, Series Over" achievement is especially amazing.
And yeah, looking at a semi-nude poster inside a locker and giving Otacon a call earns you the "Snake Beater" achievement as well as an awkward conversation.

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@Legxend said:

I unsubbed from the channel because I don't want want to be seeing spoilers in the video thumbnail appearing in my youtubee feed.

@iDarktread said:

I unsubscribed a few weeks ago because of spoilers present in thumbnails and titles.

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Ghost Trick and Shadows of the Damned have yet to be surpassed for me.

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I used to be terrified of Metal Gear Solid. I'd look for the nearest vent and never come out. Seriously.

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@stoydell said:

@Mars: Shit, I completely forgot about that. I probably should've played a bit of the beta, come to think of it...

$10 nets you the pass; getting a brand new copy is not the only way to get into the multiplayer.
I'm renting BF3 now. $10 instead of $60 seems like a good deal.
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Fuck I hope this thing rebounds in a spectacular way.

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Can't wait to play MGS2 and MGS3 again; MGS2's being played first most definitely.

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Also not included: a good game.

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@SeriouslyNow said:

@President_Barackbar said:

@ProfessorEss: Well then, what do you consider to be better than Spyro?


Crysis is a piece of shit.