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@metric_outlaw said:

Hotline Miami is still broken on the PC. Why is he working on a port of a broken game?

"Hotline Miami is being ported by Dutch developer Abstraction Games"

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That's really weird to talk about yourself in the third person in your sub header.

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I think the addition I'm most grateful for is article comments and quick look comments counting as forum posts. Not because of the number, but because I can now easily go back to stuff I've commented on and re-explore.

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@MonkfishEsq said:

All the additional development time in the world won't make this game look like a piece of shit on the 360 or PS3. At this point in the cycle why would you NOT put out a PC version to take advantage of all that processing power? Why would you limit yourself to the current gen of consoles when you're making an expansive open world game?

It's just going to be a disappointment.

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He's too busy being edgy.
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@Ekami: Kain seems to have moved on. Ben's a vindictive, childish hypocrite. My previous two posts would've garnered a block; too bad he can't do that here. 
It's as if he's basking in the attention now, when there isn't any to bask in. He changed his avatar to a "deal with it" meme picture and recited said meme to almost everyone afterwards. It's embarrassing. What it tells me is someone finally felt that Erik was caught in a "gotcha!!" moment, and was taken advantage of. Unfortunate for Ben though that Forbes backed Erik completely and Ben backpedaled the chain right off his denial bike.
In closing: I think Erik's one of the few genuine writers left in this greasy industry, and this is only a minor trip-up. Ben made a bigger ass out of himself than he intended with Erik.
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@Ben_Kuchera said:

Hey, this is Ben Kuchera. Since everyone was talking about me I thought I'd chime in. Feel free to ask about what happened, and I'll answer as best I can. There's been a lot of weird stuff going around about this.

Erik seems to have moved on.
Your turn.
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@gokumane said:

@Gaff: yeah anime titties are exactly like slavery. shut up.

The manner of hyperbole used in internet arguments never ceases to irk me. Christ.
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@Bistromath said:

And now they get to make shooters.