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Yo duder, how's it going?

I can empathise with what you're going through. Hell, I broke up with my lady about 3 weeks ago myself. You're probably feeling like crap, and me saying something might not necessarily help, but I've always found positivity to help. So, without further ado:

May I point out that you're probably already an interesting, nice, cool person? You've managed to show that you can attract other, interesting people to you, and that if nothing else is a sign that you're awesome! It's hard, but think about all of the good things about yourself. Allow yourself a bit of pride and confidence, maybe even a little arrogance (but just a little) and think about why people consider you as a great person and why you should think so as well. Believe me, it helps put a pretty good spin on life.

And all of the suggestions by @kcin are correct and appropriate. Do something unusual. Do something to better yourself. Learn something new (you could learn guitar, like me! Just mind the sore fingers.) And spend some time with family, friends, and regain that confidence. It all helps bit by bit.

Finally, a really good video that can help is this one by Sean "Day[9]" Plott about positivity:

Stay happy, duder! Feel free to send PMs to anyone here, or someone closer if you'd prefer.

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I can't compete in these shenanigans, sadly, but I'm here to say y'all are crazy, the CAH people are crazy, and I love every damn moment of it. Keep it up, duders!

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While it's not technically cooperative, I often get into games of Zombies!!! with a bunch of friends where at a point it becomes a race between two players, with the other people siding with one to attempt to screw over the other. Probably not how it's meant to be played, but we enjoy how pseudo-political it gets.

Everything else I see mentioned here is great. Dominion, TTR, Catan, etc. Munchkin is also in there for a game that can take a weird turn from free-for-all to team-based.

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Damn shame to hear it happen. It was alright to begin with, even if it did seem a little negative and I fell off after it became a little too editorial in spots, with a paucity of proper news.

What I'm interested in is what will be happening with Sophie Prell, as I legitimately enjoyed her articles. Hopefully she wasn't too overshadowed, she put in good work.

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Arguably Braid is more important, but I don't think the majority of people voting still care about that, if they did at all. I'll still vote for it, since it changed the landscape of indie games quite significantly, but this is reasonable.

And Batman is pretty amazing. Important as well, but that game was so much damn fun.

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Call of Duty 4 was both incredibly influential, AND one of the most fun experiences I had on this generation of consoles.

Even if it doesn't the top award, if deserves to be up there a lot more than some other games. I liked Dead Space a whole lot, but if it's one or the other, it seems I have but one choice.

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+ Stylistically pretty attractive, particularly for the Wii.

- The gameplay isn't very interesting, and the motion controls don't work well.

Space Pirates and Zombies

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I am almost certain I will not particularly like this result either way. Meat Boy is so damn good, but Mario Galaxy is also really damn good.

But Meat Boy is so so good!

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@video_game_king: If by "Cockney" you mean "Australian" and by "street urchin" you mean "guy" then totally, I'll settle for that. I was trying to find a way to bogan it up, but couldn't find a way without it being incomprehensible, so I went simple.

Whereas this this guy:

@nekusakuraba said:

Australian: Crickey, a dingo ate my Giant Bomb.

Crickey? Really? You disgrace Australia mate. It's crikey ya flamin' drongo.

is doing proper work for our good people.

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Giant Bomb, mate.