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I'll probably pick it up, but might wait for other DLC to be released.  The website seems to imply 2 or 3 more characters/missions to come.  I'm half way through insanity play through, but I took a break to play Dragon Age. 

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When the iPad cost about $250, I will probably grab one assuming there are some good games on it.   I don't have a ps3, and it's cheaper than this big iPod, that has a lot more to offer me gaming wise.   If it was something I could actually do work on as well and replace my labtop, it might be another story.

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I want to go to the mothership.

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This was suppose to be released on the 360 at the same time.  I guess we go another Conan on our hands.  Too bad, I was geared up to finally play a mmo on the 360.  I loved CoH but I don't have a PC that can handle newer games. ;(

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caption: David Coppercreed

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I'm with you AndrewB.  I'm on my 3rd time through Fallout3 playing the DLC.   I really liked Mass Effect too, but if I had to pick between the two, I would go with Fallout 3.  The main story/quest in Mass Effect was better than the Main Story in Fallout3, but the side quests (or sandbox content) in Fallout3 is far more enjoyable.   I really like bioware, but I think I prefer the last two Besthda RPG releases (Oblivion, Fallout3) a little better than the last two bioware releases (Jade Empire, Mass Effect).

@AndrooD2 I don't think WOTC owns it.  I'm fairly sure they don't.  I actually think the D&D computer game and the D&D tabletop properties are permanently separated.  And some company would need too purchase them both to bring them back together.  But I could be wrong.

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4th edition was sort of failure on the tabletop side, but that is partial due too their moving away from their open game license, effectively splitting their player base in two camps (between people who use the open 3rd edition system and the closed 4th edition system).

Still as snide stated, the new system should be more compatible to CRPGs since it borrows so much from MMOs.  You'd think they would have a game lined up within a year of 4th edition's release.

I would like to see another game set in the planescape setting.  Actually, that setting is ideal for a MMO with the infinite portals to other planes. 

Does anyone know who actually owns the compter game license?  I'm fairly sure Wizards doesn't own it.