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I hardly ever post on the site but I am a longtime listener of the bombcast. I just wanted to say thank you Ryan for all the great moments you provided on the site to the community. I especially would re-watch quicklooks for hours upon end just to fall asleep happy. I hope the rest of the staff is staying strong through these dark times, but I know the community will always be right there with them with support.


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I don't see why not.

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@Abendlaender said:


I'm not sure if this was actually supposed to be a "burn" cause well, the majority of this article was written by women, right?

Also, it's a bit....weird reading this from the writer of Tomb Raider.....

It was a legit comment, but damn it is tough to be sincere on the internet.

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Great article Patrick. It is great to see a women's perspective on this issue.

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That Dwarf Fortress article is a great read. I kinda want to give the game another go, even though I already deleted it off my pc because of pure frustration.

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@Catolf said:

@MethodMan008: No not really, cause even level 80 pawns (which were your friends pawns thus why they didn't cost you anything) can still get royally fucked over during a sudden boss battle. I have a level 55 with me and i'm about 20 some now, it makes things easier, but your not going to be out of the woods when you get mobbed. Don't rely on them for everything definitely, but enjoy the ride.

I totally agree with this statement. I've had pawns that were 20 to 30 levels higher than me have to be revived constantly, however some high level sorcerers can wipe out bosses in seconds.

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If it makes you feel better I'm on my second play through, and I'm finding areas that I never even knew existed.

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Yes the story is boring/bad, but for me the ending totally made up for the lack of information.

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Gonna have to keep beating Shadow of the Colossus to get my fix

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The Wii U is only looking good for Zombi U and Pikmin 3...IMO

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