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RIP Ryan :( thought it was a joke when I first read the headline :( as many have said like losing a friend, hearing what he has been doing every week for the past 3 years

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Anyone else got this problem. Playing on full screen but the hints seem to miss off the ends of words. Tried going through all graphic options but doesn't seem to be any? Played lots of games through my TV on Steam and not had this issue before?

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Yeah was looking forward to watching more XCOM but guess they are busy with new site

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Steam query.

I have max payne 3 installed on my F drive via Steam ok. But now for some reason if I launch within Steam it tries to redownload it again and put on C drive.

I can launch Max Payne 3 outside of Steam from the f:| drive but anyway I can fix this so it recognised it is installed on f drive ok?

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The one with the video game facts?

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Sorry for spamming :(

Can the 50 episodes to complete be the same one over and over again, Say I'm on about 25 done over easy and medium, could I play episode 2 on easy 25 times to unlock or does it have to be say all 18 episodes on easy and medium and another 14 on hard?

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I played on hard so struggled.

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Tried that but kept missing a few of the syncs and getting A's as patience has rolled thin,

What a stupid idea. Capcom have lost my money I think as can't be bothered will try another hour shot tomorrow see if i can do it, but if not I'm out

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I'm trying to buy the true ending chapters but can't see them available?

I've finished game but with no S ranks. So no alt ending. Is there anyway to download the chapter 19 + for the true ending or do I have to get the S ranks to finish the alt ending and then that enables me to buy the DLC? Not clear at all how this works.

Tried going through Easy to get some S ranks but keep messing up as don't have time to play through again.