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It works well in Dark Souls. I really don't mind it.

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@theht: Haha! That really would have been weird.

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There are 3 spots open. It's a 5 spot map, and I'm running two cities. My origin ID is the same as my username. I added a number of people who posted in the friends thread, but please feel free to add me if we're not friends yet.

Edit: As of 8:49 CST, there are still 2 spots open. Come join us!

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I agree that you should go with the 7850 for now until you're ready to upgrade the mobo and cpu.

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Awesome! Glad this is finally gonna come out!

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I'm surprised by how much of this I agree with. I'm in full agreement about axing the New Releases segment as the website itself more than fulfills that need for me. I'd also really like more time to be devoted to emails. A ruinationcast like the one Idle Thumbs did would be amazing! I'm torn on the what have you been playing segment though. When I've already watched the Quick Look related to the game, it does seem superfluous to describe mechanical aspects and such. However, sometimes the podcast has encouraged me to check out games that I had earlier assumed I would have little interest in based on concept art and such. I could certainly see condensing the mechanics-related aspect of the what have you been playing segment and infusing it with more idle thumbs style ponderings though.

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Yes, really great!

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@Dtat: Same for me. It was quite easy to kill Duck. Really enjoying the game.