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browser implementation is atrocious. cancelled preorder. screw that. if i wanted to launch a game out of a browser i'd play farmville. POS is Bad Company 3 anyway. if you think it's BF than you haven't played a real BF game (1942 cough cough).

options in-game (ie in MATCH) only are retarded.

thing reeks of some high school social network, web design project.

Should just call the game Battlefield: Facebook Edition

alt-enter out of the browser is ghey. super dirty. poor development. Ahh, but is the perfect DRM.

que the spoof battlelog sites and the plug-in exploits...these fireworks should be fun to watch.

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big deal. you lose the right to get 43 cents from some half-assed class action suit if sony looses your email address. big. freakin. deal. they'll give you a free game and a free resistance shirt under the table if you cry hard enough, which you'll like better anyway.

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i might subscribe if i COULD READ WHAT WAS ON MY LCD. i fucking hate browsing that worthless garbage heap of a store. HATE IT. more than 4 feet away and you're poo outta luck. yes, yes im old but i'm not quite blind either.

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ps3...that thing i watch netflix movies on?

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like ANYONE here would turn down a free console...

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i was really hoping that the player is a zombie fighting hordes of soliders

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-1 bungie . helloooo mcfly.

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@Tennmuerti said:
" Aaaaaaaw cmon, don't be mad, I know it's a bit of a bummer (I preordered on Steam too) but jeez it's just a bit of extra time to wait for a game ist's not really a big deal.Also I'm pretty sure that Steam servers are pretty robust when it comes to downloads :)   People are actually canceling preorders of a game they really wanted to buy just becouse they will have to downloead it for a few extra hours after release? Jeez people are whiny these days. Relax, these are just games. Go have a few beers or something while you wait for the download. "
agree. wtf crybabies.
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wish i could help but i mainly just download demos and play them for 30 seconds. im super impressed by Dirt2 though. like racing games? 
borrowing little big planet and it looks cool as heck...but i only played it maybe once. (ive been gaming since 80's so i get bored a bit easy these days....)
mostly use the thing for netflix and streaming mp3's from my xp box.

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