Holy Crap!!

For a long time i've really wanted to get borderlands, but being the poor college student that i am, i didnt want to pay full price for it. I was looking to get a new game when i saw that it was like 35 bucks at gamestop. THIRTY-FIVE!! Talk about a deal. Im a couple hours in (im at the part where u have to kill sledge) and ive got to say, this game is awesome! The shooting is good, the open world/rpg is great and it totally fills my need for shooting and RPG-ing. I can't believe i didnt get this game sooner. 

Freaking Red Ring

Ok, so ive had a 360 for a couple years and it has never red ringed, earlier today i turn on my 360 and three red lights start flashing (i.e. the RROD). My first reaction was "oh you've got to be freaking kidding me", and my second was "hey, maybe ill be able to get the new slim 360 now that my x-box has died". As a relative idiot when it comes to my 360 dying (its never happened to me) i ask you, my fellow forumites, is there anything i can do to possibly save my xbox or can i send it in? 
As i said before, im kind of an idiot when it comes to this, so any help would greatly be appreciated.

a feeling

why do i get the feeling that this is one of the lincoln force quest things... hmmm, idk, lets see what happens

Split/Second Impressions

ok, so the demo is out today on the 360. I wanted to check it out since it seemed cool and while im not a racing game kind of guy (the last racing game i bought was for the ps1(i dont even remember what its called, either)). My first couple laps sucked becuase as i said, i havent played a racing game in a LONG time. But i eventually got the hang of it, and while i still need to master the drifting, im having a blast (pun intended). Its just amazing to see even the small "power plays" in action, not to mention the insane route changers, or the level 2 power plays. Once i drifted around a corner to see a gigantic airplane crashing towards me, i literally shouted in surprise. 
So anyway, im super-psyched for this game now, and i cant wait for it to come out. What do you guys think of the demo?  
P.S. What car am i driving? it looks sweet and im just wondering