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I don't know, it just looks like the rest of the internet. Nothing to get upset over.

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I'm down for some guild action, the name is WyldStar.

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@dourin: I'd love a pass! I'm seriously considering a purchase, but I want to try it out and before I lay down money.

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You could get Brothers in Arms, but I'm looking forward to the release of Call of Duty: World at War for my WWII fix.

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The framerate is pretty across the board. Dark Souls was only bad really in Blight Town. No idea why the performance has taken such a hit.

I noticed this too, it never hits the lows of Dark Souls, but it seems to be constantly struggling in a way Dark Souls never did. That said, I went to Redbox and picked up the 360 version and woah! I'd swear the framerate is almost double what it is on the PS3 at all times. It sucks because I think the souls series works so much better on a Dualshock controller.

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@sterling: Those screenshots seem to be the reason people are upset about the graphics. I haven't played it yet, but it sounds like the final game looks significantly worse then what they showed in previews (where your images come from.) Unfortunate, because I thought it looked awesome before. Now it seem to just look okay, judging from what I've seen on streams.

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@amyggen: It definitely doesn't do that for me. I'll contact Rorie, thanks.

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@demazin: Thanks a bunch. I'll be registering, so I'll be sure to post my code here if I get one.

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@amyggen: How exactly does downloading work, when I hit the download button it just opens up a new page with just a video player, it doesn't seem like it's downloading. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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@amyggen: Nope, there is no way for me to watch any content that does not support Youtube. I'm pretty upset because I just renewed my subscription with the hopes that the new player would sort out these issues, but as of right now I'm paying for nothing.