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Every once in a while the game seems to stutter for a split second, it's not enough to effect game play but it's noticeable.

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If your just starting and want a cheap but versatile midi controller you would probably be happy with the Maudio Oxygen 25. The new version has velocity sensitive pads and keys. The keys are kinda shit, the sensitivity is all wrong out of the box, but most Digital Audio Workstations allow you to correct that problem with a little tweaking.As a beginner I think it would work great.I have an older model and it was really simple to set up and it works pretty flawlessly with Fl studio.

I think for a Digital Audio workstation FLstudio would serve you best, if your on a PC, it's pretty intuitive and definitely the most beginner friendly of the major DAWs. It comes with everything you'd need to learn the basics. It has a large suite of Virtual instruments and plugins, that while not the best at their jobs, they will at least allow you to learn the basics of all the major techniques and effects.

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I don't know, it just looks like the rest of the internet. Nothing to get upset over.

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I'm down for some guild action, the name is WyldStar.

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@dourin: I'd love a pass! I'm seriously considering a purchase, but I want to try it out and before I lay down money.

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You could get Brothers in Arms, but I'm looking forward to the release of Call of Duty: World at War for my WWII fix.

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The framerate is pretty across the board. Dark Souls was only bad really in Blight Town. No idea why the performance has taken such a hit.

I noticed this too, it never hits the lows of Dark Souls, but it seems to be constantly struggling in a way Dark Souls never did. That said, I went to Redbox and picked up the 360 version and woah! I'd swear the framerate is almost double what it is on the PS3 at all times. It sucks because I think the souls series works so much better on a Dualshock controller.

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@sterling: Those screenshots seem to be the reason people are upset about the graphics. I haven't played it yet, but it sounds like the final game looks significantly worse then what they showed in previews (where your images come from.) Unfortunate, because I thought it looked awesome before. Now it seem to just look okay, judging from what I've seen on streams.

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@amyggen: It definitely doesn't do that for me. I'll contact Rorie, thanks.

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@demazin: Thanks a bunch. I'll be registering, so I'll be sure to post my code here if I get one.