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Damn, new Hunter x Hunter opening, still the same old song but the new visuals are fucking amazing.

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Seems that Stardust Crusaders was confirmed as a 4-cour show, with no break. So a year of JoJo. OH MY GOD! But that means even longer to wait til Diamond Is Unbreakable starts. OH NO!

HOLY SHIT! Episode 12 was fun as hell. Joseph showing off why he's the best badass grandpa.

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@super2j said:

Jojo, is still enjoyable but season 2 was waayy better, that jojo was playful and a trickster. Won't jotaro need to know hamon to be able to take down Dio? do they know he is a vampire? I mean if Jotaro is half as good as Joseph was in Season 2, he could easily finish off a vampire, why bother with stands?

Araki got bored with Ripple, and had pretty much used up all the ideas he had for it. Stands are supposed to be an evolution of the Ripple (except when they aren't), and Jotaro knowing the Ripple would be pretty worthless considering that the majority of enemies in this part aren't vampires/zombies. Any Ripple user without a Stand going up against DIO (who has one) would just die. Also Joseph is lazy and hasn't kept up his Ripple training, anyway.

It's Stands all the way to the current part in the manga, they are the iconic JoJo power afterall, no one really thinks of Ripple when they think of JoJo. It allows for a much better enemy and power variety.

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Remember, the dick is important.

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David Pro. definitely enjoying having a budget this season of JoJo. Ep 8 was super fun, mostly because Polnareff is best, but also because they put some good effort in making the fight creepy, fun and dynamic looking.

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