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Hunter X Hunter 148: Well, that's a wrap. I really hope Togashi decides to stop slacking and pump out chapters week by week consistently and not taking a year hiatus whenever he stubs a toe. I want to see more of this series dammit.

Hey we should be lucky for the 9 chapters we just got this year. Yeah, all 9 of them. 9. hahahahaha oh god.

HxH 148

Please excuse me while I go roll in a ball and cry.

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Hey guys, a friend of mine was trying to get my to watch the show Fairytail, Do any of you duders recommend it as well?

Watch JoJo and Hunter x Hunter instead.

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The XIII games aren't really what I would call "good" and yet I've bought all 3 of them (I just got LR last week), so they must be doing something a little right right.

Oh yeah, the combat is a lot of fun. I generally don't care about stories or characters in games, even JRPGs, as long as I enjoy the running around and killing stuff parts. And that part of the series is fun, but my eyes just kinda glaze over during the cutscenes.

Also yeah feel free to point out the absurdity of playing JRPGs and not caring about the stories/characters. I only reserve that for Xenoblade, Persona and Shadow Hearts.

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Man that episode of Tokyo Ghoul had an amazing change of pace. It became super psychological and then climaxed with what everyone had been waiting for. I think it's one of those episodes that will be remembered as "that episode" in the same way as "that episode" in Madoka, Gurren Lagann, and Attack on Titan.

that final episode was one of the hardest episodes to watch for me ever,and that says ALOT.all i have to say is there HAS to be a second season or i will be VERY pissed.

It's already been announced for January.

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Jotaro is definitely one of the most boring protagonists. Second only to Giorno. It's even worse that Araki manages to shove him into 2 more parts after . God dammit.

Jotaro is great. He's the straight-man in a group of weirdos and nutjobs, and he is great in that role.

Plus he's great in Part 4

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All those beautiful cutscenes...IN HD!

I kid, I'd buy this. I'd skip every cutscene, like I did a while ago when I played all three games back to back, but yeah, I'd buy this.

Also, skipping cutscenes in these games is the most baffling experience you can ever have while gaming. It's not like the story is anything worthwhile, I just like the battle systems and look of everything.

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Ok what should I watch after Trigun.

Steins;Gate, Psycho Pass, Sword Art Online, Hunter X Hunter, Space Dandy, Aldnoah Zero, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Akame ga Kill!, No Game No Life, Log Horizon, Tokyo Ghoul or Zankyou No Terror.

Someone decide for me.

HxH and Nozaki

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Can we also turn this into a Manga thread?

What would you guys recommend?

Angel Densetsu


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Uh guys, you are about to die if you don't hurry and get out...

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I haven't checked that thread, but if people aren't trying to get @danryckert to watch JoJo then they are doing everything wrong.

Speaking of which, the new ep is delayed on CR, and it's the end of the first half. I wanted some JoJo to boost my confidence before I take this nursing assistant state exam in a few hours.