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I actually have physical copies of Suikodens 1-5 and Tactics. I love this series, even 4 which isn't well-regarded.

Everyone should be super happy they can get S2 for 10 bucks because it is fantastic and I will definitely buy it on PSN when I get paid on friday. I paid 90 bucks for a used copy a few years ago, it was worth it.

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Been listening to a lot of Panic! At The Disco, especially their recent Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die album, which is fantastic.

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CoD4 came out right around when my town had a new nice little cyber cafe, and my friends and I would go there a few nights a week and just play CoD. I bought 4 after moving and the cafe had closed, but it was never the same, so I just never bothered with another in the series outside of the seldom Steam free weekends, which never convinced me to buy the later games.

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Now you too can learn English with the help of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Marty Friedman, former guitarist for Megadeth.

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Still doing that One Piece thing, and will be for the foreseeable future. I'm at like episode 110ish, and deep into the Alabasta Arc. Now that I got past that post-Arlong lull the show really picked up again. Having clear short and mid term goals really does wonders for my patience. However I consistently feel like they spend just a little too long on every arc. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying it again.

What's the general consensus on One Piece's filler? As a Naruto fan I was trained to believe that all filler is garbage and should be liberally skipped. However the friend I made my deal with (she watches Naruto, I watch One Piece) seemed horrified at the thought of skipping episodes. Is the filler worth watching or is she just being unreasonable about One Piece as she is known to be? For the record I've been super bored during what filler there's been so far, but I've also heard that G8 is a really good arc that wasn't in the manga. yeah you can just skip the filler eps, this will help you save some time with that.

So, as for the upcoming second half of JoJo Stardust Crusaders, we got confirmation on which version of (character spoiler) Iggy will show up. Pic with spoilers:

Looks like we're getting Ugly Iggy right from the start. I wonder if they'll switch him over to the more humanized look later on, like the manga.

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Getting in early to tell people to watch Hunter x Hunter (2011) and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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Parasyte 2

Well, the dickarm made it in, even if it's a quick glance. Hahahaha

Great episode

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Giving old people bed baths. Ok not really.

Okay really working as of yet, as I've only taken a class and done clinicals and passed the state exam, so I'm waiting on a number of job apps. (Certified Nursing Assistant)

It's helping care for older people who have difficulties caring for themselves, but even in my 1 week of clinicals I saw a number of very disheartening things.

If you or your family are putting an elderly relative in a nursing center, do your fucking research.

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I already blew through the manga a few weeks ago, but the first episode of Parasyte got me hyped as fuckkkk. Watch it. Surprisingly uncensored, which makes JoJo and Terraformars cases kinda weird.

Minus some CGI crowds that definitely look wonky, the actual animation is fantastic, especially Migi and the dog.