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Araki is a pretty cool dude.

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Since I've been back to getting CDs again (due to now having an older car), I've got 64 or so CDs in my car at the moment that I kinda switch around. But lately it's been a lot of Coheed And Cambria's The Afterman albums (Ascension and Descension), The Blood Brothers' Crimes and a few different Bright Eyes albums, mostly The People's Key. I just bought AFI's Sing The Sorrow, Jimmy Eat World's Futures, Angel & Airwaves' We Don't Need To Whisper and Saosin's Saosin EP, so those are getting some play.

For specific songs, Isles & Glaciers' Viola Lion and Bright Eyes' Hot Knives have been in my head a lot.

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Alluka stop being so adorable

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Son of a bitch!

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"Do you love your big brother?" "I love him lots!"

d'awwww, Alluka you're adorable.

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get rekt, Steely Dan.

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Damn, new Hunter x Hunter opening, still the same old song but the new visuals are fucking amazing.

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