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If everyone in Scotland who has suddenly become so politically informed could keep it up, for like, ever, then that would be awesome. At least something good will have come out of this referendum.

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One of these games is definitely being made...

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I simply meant dependent on the context of which slots were occupied by items that you currently happened to be using. I guess I just can't imagine a "truly" random placement, that just seems... crazy. Like, surely you must've had places where you always put certain items, otherwise you'd always have to be checking where items you wanted to use happened to currently be?

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Where's the "fucking wherever" option? I don't remember keeping track of where I put things specifically.

Did you somehow miss the 4th option?

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I am asking this because I am sitting here in abject horror while I watch someone play the original on the N64, with the Ocarina dancing around C-down and C-left. Madness. I need to prove to them that there is a System, damnit!

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Search for 'bithc', disappointed.

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@joshwent: Yeah, according to other people in this thread that equation is (2^(n-1)hip2^(n)me) for any n in the field of Z.

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I'm surprised no one has remembered the original Deus Ex's patched-in multiplayer. It was awesome, and I'll fight ya'll if you disagree.

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Boma mòr in Gaelic... probably.

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