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I would also have to recommend Angel's Egg. It is by far one of my favorite animated films.

Also Mind Game because Masaaki Yuasa is awesome.

Cat Soup is also a really trippy short film that I highly recommend.

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I'm so happy that Kaiji is on your most enjoyed list.

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I'll miss you, Scoops! Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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Great list! I got into Suiyoubi no Campanella earlier this year and I can't stop listening to the new album. Also, I'll be checking out Oohyo since I really dig the song you posted.

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PSN: Lemmycaution217

Timezone: US pacific

Lets play games!

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Thanks for sharing, Rorie!

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Getting the game on Friday. Sent a request to NA West.

PSN: Lemmycaution217

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Congrats, Vinny!

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Awesome list. I actually just watched the 1985 anime film Angel's Egg and it is definitely a film ahead of its time. It feels more like a Tarkovsky film or at least influenced by European art house cinema (which makes sense, since Oshii was fond of those films). I would consider it to be pretty inaccessible due to the lack of dialogue and extremely slow pace, but I would urge any fan of the medium to at least give it a chance.