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Awesome list. I actually just watched the 1985 anime film Angel's Egg and it is definitely a film ahead of its time. It feels more like a Tarkovsky film or at least influenced by European art house cinema (which makes sense, since Oshii was fond of those films). I would consider it to be pretty inaccessible due to the lack of dialogue and extremely slow pace, but I would urge any fan of the medium to at least give it a chance.

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Steam ID: lemmycaution

Yo, feel free to add me.

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@alexw00d said:

As crazy as it sounds, I too have been listening to the cabs. It's a real bummer that they broke up though.

Also I started listening to the new Swans record, the new Hotelier record, the new La Dispute record, and Black Santa, which is an awesome emo band.

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Just started buying figures relatively recently, so I sadly don't have much. Some of these shots came out worse than I expected.

Dude, that Kaiji figure with ざわ... ざわ...

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92.4 million

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Thanks, man! I grabbed Hotline Miami.

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$88.5 million

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@drmechano: It was NG+. The annoying black phantoms were there but yeah, like you said summoning allowed for one of us to take them out as another took out the Lost Sinner.

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@demoskinos: I read that somewhere but I ended up doing all four with her anyway just in case. Smelter was by far the worse even when I summoned another dude. The NPC literally had a sliver of health at the end of the fight.