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@drmechano: Interesting, I believe that boss is associated with the escort sidequest thing for Lucatiel. I guess the extra guy I summoned alongside the NPC was really good, because that fight didn't seem very difficult.

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I know for a fact that I will be sticking with Havel's set and the Smelter Helm so I pretty much will sink any twinking I get into that during NG+. Also there aren't any more weapons that I want to upgrade since the one I'm am currently using does the job so armor is the only thing I would upgrade anyway.

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At this point I'm just trying to get through NG+ for achievements and I already beat all the bosses solo in my first playthrough so I don't feel any shame in summoning for help. Also I feel that summoning is necessary for the dumb NPC summoning escort mission sidequests. The Smelter Demon battle with Lacatiel would have been a bitch without help.

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@evilsbane: He definitely should still be under the staircase. I was still able to buy off him when in human form even after murdering him like five times. The only thing that was voided was the sidequest.

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@adequatelyprepared: This is exactly what I did. Add in magic arrows and go to town on everything in Armana.

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@evilsbane: The lever frees him from his imprisonment so you could have still seen him. You must have just missed him. Also he will only talk to you if you are human.

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At the moment I'm going through NG+ with a Mundane Santier's Spear and pyromancy build. It is definitely a change from my first playthrough, which consisted of mostly a Large Club/Mastodon Halberd and a greatshield. Now I rarely even use a normal shield. I have managed to breeze through most of the beginning of the game with this specific build and even took out the Pursuer on his first encounter.

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I'm planning on S-ranking this game like I did DS1 so yeah, going to end up getting to NG++ to acquire the remaining spells without getting deep into PVP. At the moment I am going through NG+ trying to finish up on the Benhart and Lucatiel questlines because I obviously missed them the first time around. Also I missed out on Navlaan's sidequest because of that stupid lever. Damn you for tempting me, From.

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Great job, man. Gotta love angry Brad.

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As a STR build I wrecked everything in Armana with a Dragonrider Bow +5. The Ancient Dragon on the other hand angered me to no end, that is until I learned his patterns and forced myself to beat him solo and naked.