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Fantastic job to the people who put this together! I will be listening to this later.

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I'm going to miss you, man. This really sucks.

Condolences to Ryan's family, friends, and everyone at Giant Bomb.

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Man of Steel: $60 million

Monsters University: $85 million

World War Z: $45 million

Total: $190 Million

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Pieta - 3/5

This is a recent South Korean revenge film about a sociopath debt collector who meets a woman claiming to be his mother, which then leads to the debt collector facing the horrors of all the lives he has ruined due to him crippling everyone who owes him money. This film is supposedly super polarizing because of it's violent and sexual nature, but that aside it was okay at best. Being both a South Korean and revenge film, you may enjoy this if you liked Old Boy or I Saw The Devil, however I would consider those two to be better films. This is the first film I've watched by Kim Ki-duk and hearing that his previous films are vastly better, I am still interested in this filmmaker.

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@alexandersheen said:

For the last two weeks I've switched anime with TV shows and let me tell you: anime is still a better medium for me. I follow around a dozen shows this season, meaning that there's more than 20 episodes of anime waiting for me. Time to make some pudding and marathon this fucker!

I still find it to be pretty crazy when I hear of people watching 10+ series for every new season of anime coming out, but seriously, more power to you if you can do that. Every time in the past when I tried to do this I got completely burned out and switched to watching films instead.That's just me though. I'm going to try to keep it slim this time around, focusing on maybe three series for now. That seems to be the best for how I watch anime.

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@dochaus: @tobbrobb: Thanks for responding. I think I will go with Attack on Titan, Devil Survivor, and Aku no Hana for now. Also The Devil Is A Part-Timer! sounds kind of fun. I might check that out. If I manage to like and catch up with those I'll look into the other series you mentioned.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I ended up getting four codes.

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Guys, I just finished marathoning Inferno Cop, and holy shit am I late to the party! Now I'm really excited for Trigger's next series called Kill la Kill. I also recently watched the new Hosoda film, which I enjoyed more than The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (I have yet to watch Summer Wars). All the artwork is that film is really gorgeous.

Anyway, this sudden influx of anime in my life (which isn't even that much, I've just been on a pretty long hiatus), has gotten me interested in partaking in the most recent anime season. So yeah guys, what's good right now?

I already feel like I'll be committed to Aku no Hana since the rotoscoped look is super refreshing to me. I hear that Attack on Titan show is pretty raw and I'll probably take a look at that. I'm also aware that the new Masaaki Yuasa OVA and new Shinkai film come out in the near future and I'm stoked for both of those. Devil Survivor 2 has a series for it but is that even accessible if I haven't played either of the games? Any input would be awesome. Thanks.

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  • Twelve Years a Slave
  • The Past
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Gravity
  • Blue is the Warmest Colour
  • Snowpiercer
  • Bastards
  • Like Father, Like Son
  • The Immigrant
  • Only Lovers Left Alive
  • Pacific Rim
  • Oldboy
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It is awesome to have you back, Rorie! Good luck on the new position and I hope to see you featured in some of the upcoming content.