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@ravelle: And pretty good on PC too! (With the right adapter)

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Cost for Wii Sports doesn't seem that bad if you just don't want all of them. Like all I probably would want is boxing

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@fistfulofmetal: wh... But there is 0 downside to this! It's both the same price the basic was and they're not forcing you to buy digital games!

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Gonna have to wait until inFamous, that's the only big game i'm interested in on PS4 other than Knack. (Just in time for my WiiU to build up a real live library)

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@ch3burashka: They've stated that parts of those dungeons were reused in other games' dungeons. Makes sense to me.

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I dunno, most of the games shown at E3 looked good to me. Yeah, they were sequels, but that doesn't disqualify them for me. I loved 3D Land, excited for 3D World, especially after seeing they're not just sticking to plain platforming with that level where you're riding the big Yoshi-thing. I love when 2.5D platformers talk advantage of the .5, so DKC so was pretty cool. Wonderful 101? Hell yes I wanna play that, AND Pikmin, AND Sonic.

Wii U's had a bad start, but I feel like it's gonna get better from here. The games that are coming are safe, but they still look good to me.

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Doesn't seem that different from that Nintendo Rep E3 Dumptruck to be honest.

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Can't wait for the new Sonic Cycle of

New game is announced, everyone is cautious because THEY WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN SEGA!!!
Press blasts and/or slams it in reviews because Sonic Hasn't Been Good Since The Genesis Why Don't They Just Remake Sonic 3 & Knuckles Screens and Videos are out, game actually looks alright, caution fades
Game is released, is revealed to be actually an alright game!

And repeat. First time i've seen tables used here I think!

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