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Sad day...

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Hey guys so when I first set up my PS4 I was able to log in to my facebook account. Since then I changed my FB Password and the PS4 didn't like that because now it won't let me post to facebook. There is no option on the PS4 to change to your new FB. When I go to Settings on the PS4, then PSN and then Link with other services option. I click on the facebook option. I can enter my email and password but the option to log in underneath that is grayed out. I can not find anyone else with this issue.

Any ideas?

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that was fantastic! I could not stop laughing!! Please do more!!!

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Hey guys so on tuesday when Guacamelee came out I went and bought it on the Vita PSN Store. Seeing as it was cross buy I figured I would be able to then go to my PS3, go to the download history and find the PS3 version right there waiting to be downloaded. Turns out this was not the case. In the history I only found the Vita version. I went to the PSN store on my PS3 in case I had to download it from there, But it said that I had to buy the game.

Is anyone else having this issue? I have looked online and have not found the issue.


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some guy needed to switch shifts at work for saturday. so i was like you can work my wednesday!!!


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@BlackLagoon: cool thanks black I did play the flash game just now and it was fun!

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I really wanna get this game and it is not money that is keeping me from getting it, but just word of mouth. Just wondering if anyone else bit the $3.49 bullet. Game looks really interesting and I like the visuals, but not sure if the gameplay is too repetitive.

Anyone? I await in my chair

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this show was awesome! Remember the Narc Episode?!?! poor ryan from there on out he was referred to as Narc

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@murisan said:

Having played until Mr. Church's rescue, I can say that this game is (so far) fantastic. The graphics are jaw-droppingly beautiful for a 360 game, and the only bug so far was a floating musket which honestly just made me laugh. The exposition is very good, and although it's not frenetic and fast, it seems quite steady.

I'm also finding myself thinking in a proper colonial British accent.

I stopped right at that point and have enjoyed it so far. The bug I ran into was a conversation that takes places early on and one of the characters mouths doesn't move while they were talking. It was pretty funny.

Its like MGS2 but backwards lol if you know what I mean

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@Kerned said:

@rudyarr: Well, I have played the first two missions and so far it is charming the pants off of me.

perfect. if you can keep me updated on it. I would love to play it but would like to hear if the whole game holds up and is good.