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@kafu288: I'm not to sure how much commitment it would be but I wouldn't mind trying one. Never did one in 2k11 but always wanted to.

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I too have noted a few hang ups on the frame rate every so often but it passes. Don't know how frequent they are with anyone else sessions but I hope they can figure that part out as well.

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I'm a fan. Will be looking out for this on XBLA ;)

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Thats awesome... hope it works for you all at Whiskey!

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Just signed up.

Thanks Patrick for sharing this.

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I played the game and was moved by the whole experience. 
As much as video games are a bit more about entertainment with focus on children, why couldn't people use games to express their concerns, motivate others speak their mind in a way that doesn't involve them speaking in public. I for one am happy to see those who take the idea of video games to that next level above entertainment. 
Like most art, it might be rejected and refused by society but that doesn't mean it isn't art. I don't fully understand the reasons behind a painting and this might be the same for a politically driven video game but thats ok.  
Great article Patrick and hope to read more from you soon.

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I'm not surprised by this but I am kind of upset that we aren't hearing much more about where they are at with getting PSN back online.

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Oh gosh.. I see another TANG video coming soon for this one Ryan?? Yea??

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I am happy to hear more about it. Granted, it's still not good news but better then some of the other articles.

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This is big... I am concerned and want to change my password and other information so it can't be used ASAP.