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Oh my god, I'm going to be spending all night listening to this youtube spam. My addition is an Israeli Prog Metal band called Orphaned Land. I'm extremely impressed by how well they're able to transition between an angry, almost deathy sound, to something much slower and reflective.

This song is a pretty good representation of the styles the band is good at.

Edit: Man, with all the recommendations, I'm surprised there isn't any Diablo Swing Orchestra in here. Hope you're ready for equal parts Swing jazz, Metal, and Chaos.

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Whoops, I'll go do that.

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Hey, today I tried upgrading my account to a monthly subscription, and it's throwing a generic error at me.

"Something went wrong and we are working on it."

I've triple checked the billing details and have tried billing on different browsers with the exact same response.

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I'm so fucking conflicted. I want BOTH!

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@AlexW00d: You should put a little effort into making your comment comprehensible, that would be nice.

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Dagoth Ur, how much more evil can a name get?

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A good habit when it comes to PC gaming is to keep an eye on steam sales (and sales if you're into the older stuff), it's really easy to get some fantastic games for almost nothing if you keep an eye out. As for a specific game reccomendation, you should look into Killing Floor, that game is super rad.

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@ZeForgotten said: 
@Ruggles: They do excist and well, I only know like 5 or so people who are like that so I guess that's kind of rare. Same goes for you by the way, try looking up "hate" one of these days. Because "being interested in what these people think and their opinion" to me does not = hate.  Sorry if I offended you people by being open minded about this stuff, I'll just go back to acting like everyone else in here and not try to find out new things.  lolz, roflz, OP is wrong! ..  etc.  "
@ZeForgotten said: 
Seriously why do some people only care about graphics?  Fine whatever you fat bastards need to feel superior I guess. Go a head and insult me and call me a troll and a "hater" for asking a question I would like an real answer to.  Fucking teenagers "
Yeah, I must be silly to think that calling people 'fat bastards' or 'Fucking teenagers' implies hate. I'd like to know what you'd call people that you are actively hating on.
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@ZeForgotten said: 
"I seriously asked a question about the people who ONLY care about graphics.  
Like, what is it that draws them to the video games and not stuff like 3D StudioMax or some other program where you get to mess around with that stuff. 
What is it that makes games special for those specific people that only care about how the games look and everything else doesn't matter at all? 
I have nothing against them I just find it kinda sad to use that much money and then only enjoy one single aspect of a video game 
@JP_Russell: Oh they do excist and I know a couple of them.  They actually have said that it's all they care about and I've asked them the same question, what is it about the graphics that makes them cum all over their monitors or TVs and why they don't just mess around with 3DSM. What is it about polygons that are so great to them that they're willing to mess around in a game like Crysis 1 and probably 2 for no reason other than looking at the graphics and textures and stuff like that?  "
I wanna know where you find these gamers that only care about graphics. If these people actually do exist, they must be pretty damn rare, I for sure haven't known any of them.  
Asking a question about people who don't exists isn't very helpful. It also isn't very helpful to hate these imaginary beings because they supposedly like things for a different reason than you do.
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