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maybe they want to give us this experience in full 1080p...please dudes stop sugar coating...tell it like it is.....360 like i said was hot now its just melting into the dollar a machine that will last more then 3 yrs
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freaking classic....greg and jeff talking about a game.....miss this but im glad greg is making lots more money real soon after this gamr rocks our socks off looks kickass
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 2K producer Greg Kasavin .......HELL YEAH GREG GLAD TO SEE YOUR DOING GREAT....and one day you ll be like me...freakin 49 yrs old and still a gaming gaming till your brain bleeds.....dude i miss your fantastic reviews bad....this game looks freaking great...hope it pans out
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now we are talking...this 360 looks sweet....still worried about it burning out...this console should be warrentied for life because of the many problems it has failing....damn my nes still works,atari,genesis,ps1,xbox original,etc...buying disposable consoles dosnt work for me
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i dont understand this thread at all...will it fail or not...that is the question but if it i know what to look for...thx mate

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yeah prince 4 was kool but not as brutal as pop warrior within...damn we need more of that brutality...even pop the two thrones was kool...sands of time was good but more like a childs game...there are adults playing these games too,
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brad said:..Then again, Ubisoft made it clear the prince isn't exactly a Godsmack fan    ....brad,thats not what i was hoping to badass game with some wailing,thrashing guitars in the backround would have been kool...too bad
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dude you need a play by play...damn this game is awesome...dont know why your so negative in every post you write...its either with you, a copy of some other game so it sucks,needs something more..god only know what u r talking about and the reviewers need to be more redifined....if you like a story driven action adventure prince of persia,god of war,ratchett and clank,jax and daxter,and so it,if not to bad cause this game rocks the fk out...cheers misery


on Jan. 11, 2010
where be the review?  Jeff get bored of it and quit playing?    
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what???  refine what???....its an action adventure game not a open sandbox game... if thats what your refering to by being refined.,dont know...its this way either like action adventures or story driven games with button mashing or you dont...i really like these type of games over any other again...and there pretty much the same,theres nothing to refine....god of war is an awesome game and when it comes out in march,nothing will even compare to the brutality and awesomeness[new word] of this of war...action adventure genre...nothing compares to it...that game is just fkin great    
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holy cow can the dudes at giant bomb goofing around get you so upset...dude games are suppose to be a slammin goodtime and these dudes here are funny as hell...if gaming and reviews get you that fired up,then quit need to take a deep breath and a chill pill or open your own website...btw ive been enjoying these dudes humorous activities for 10 years,i doubt their going to change the way they do things because of  your rants....rock on with your badself
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