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Like everyone else, while I am super stoked that Rorie is coming back to the fold, I hate to see your official status change to guest. Good luck duder!

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Rather frustrating....

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@mfpantst: Yeah it did, truly an inspiring film!

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See, I think he meant Cry Far and Away, that Ron Howard flick with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The game tie in is a follow-up where Cruise returns to the ring after establishing a new homestead in west. That's the trick though, you have to keep moving west to get anywhere.

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Yeah, I did. Only played the first 2 missions, but it seems to be exactly what the dev was going for, a x-wing style space sim/shooter. Sadly, it's been so long since I played a space sim that it took me a while to get my bearings with the controls and layout, but I started hitting a decent stride by the middle of the second mission. Doesn't look like there is a ton of content, but it seems built for replay as you can get a mission success and not perform very well. I really hope it's successful because they need to keep going and add multiplayer.

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@Anthal said:

This is likely a case of people using shared logins/passwords for multiple accounts, when one of the databases has been compromised.

That was not my experience. I randomize my passwords and catalog them using keepass. Change them fairly often and consider myself pro-active on a security front. According to the MS rep I talked with, they believe the person or people that compromised my account used my "secret question" which admittedly was weak. Sadly live doesn't let you set your own question so now I have it set just as randomly as my password.

Still, very frustrating. I know this is valid security problem on Microsoft's side, but why hasn't anyone thrown any ire toward EA for creating a black market where valued content can be transferred with seemingly no means of tracking?

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I think this article by Patrick fairly well sums up why at the very least the developer has to give a shit about metacritic scores, be they user reviews or not. What I think will be telling is the net evolution of this system of aggregation. In any case, while I'm confident that MW 3 is a good game that I'll end up buying, this game was just as incapable of being out-right bad as it was to be ground breaking... unless you look at the sales... it will probably break those...

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I guess I was maybe 15 when I went over to a friend's house one night to play D. A real time no save puzzle game with a myst-like interface that my 486 could not play and his pentium 60 could. As the clock ran out again and again the sense of dread grew, one step closer and then death. I'm sure it doesn't stand up anymore, but it was one of the few games that got to me.

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For those of us who missed it, someone just posted their performance at the   Brattle Theatre here... well done Jeff: