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It's always really sad to see a dude's "estate" pull some shit like this after he dies.  The inclusion of the Thriller zombie is obviously a loving homage by fans and could in no way be construed as trying to profit off somebody else's work.  It's not as if PopCap thought they could sell copies to Jackson fans who otherwise would not have bought them by including this character.

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@Nadafinga said:
" Weird thing is that it's only been a bug since the last patch, never happened before that.  Fix one thing, another goes least it doesn't effect gameplay. "
Leave it to DICE to introduce a bizarre and all new bug in a balance patch.
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I'm at level 21 with 91% of the map revealed.  I have two open boss fights available, and I can't make much progress in either before being one-shotted.  So, in the grand tradition I am roaming the castle grinding and searching for the loot I need to finish out the equipment set based Honors.  I noticed this game lacks a beastiary though, and I have no idea who drops what, even among the stuff I've already found and foolishly sold before completing relevant sets.  Anybody keeping track of this for a guide or found somebody on the web who has? 

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Yeah, after more experimenting, you're right.  The behavior isn't even consistently incorrect.  :-/  It's kinda disappointing how much of this site doesn't work and how slowly it gets repaired.  Several bugs like the phantom unread PM indicator and the "appears in # of games" counters on the wiki pages have been broken for over a year now.

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Forums necromancy!
But yeah, it would be cool to have a section on the accessory pages for listing games with support for them.  That way we could sort by the number of games and get an instant ranking of just how useless each of Nintendo's many wacky peripherals turned out to be.  For instance, the DK Bongos were only ever supported in the 3 Donkey Konga rhythm games and the bizarro side-scroller, Jungle Beat.  And yet R.O.B. was only ever used in half that many games.  How many games included PowerGlove support?  I don't know!  But I bet a bunch of you guys do, and you could share that with us easily with this feature.

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Eh, I'm sorry but I just don't agree.  I think adding concept pages for regular local events is a slippery slope that will just lead to a lot of clutter without actually adding much in the way of database utility to the site.

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California Extreme differs from industry conventions like PAX, E3, GamesCom, GDC, etc. in that all of the arcade machines present are hauled there by private owners / enthusiasts and not publishers or other commercial entities.  It is somewhat useful to pull up a game's page in the database and see what tradeshows it was first shown/announced at.  It's of rather less use to see every enthusiast event to which some random guy dragged his beloved, if half-broken, Joust cabinet.  CA Extreme is pretty large, well organized, well advertised, and well attended, but ultimately it is still just a privately run user group event.

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Yes, DeathSpank and Animal Crossing differ significantly from games like Mario Galaxy in exactly the way that @ryanwho stated above.  I think this should be a new concept page as well.  And personally I hope more games adopt this style; it looks really neat.

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Go to the person page and then edit their credits section.  Adding a game here will link the rest up for you.
Whiskey devs: this is somewhat unintuitive and also begs the question of why the credits pages on games even have an edit button if you can't do anything with it.

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OK, I think I have figured out what is going on.  The XP/level bar in the site header appears always to be one XP gain behind.  Complete a quest which causes you to level up and note the approximate position to which the bar is now filled.  When you refresh you will "level back down".  But now complete another quest.  It should cause your bar to fill past the position you noted before.  Now refreshing again should return the bar to precisely the position that you noted earlier.  It seems that is simply failing to reflect the most recent burst of XP earned (be it from a single quest or a quest + set bonus) but still actually tracking all gains (eventually).  Hope this helps.  It's kinda annoying.