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@amafi said:

@branthog said:

MGS will be a game I want to play from the comfort of my sofa with the visual and audio capacity of my home theater, but I will absolutely buy a (later) discounted version for the PC, too.

This was unexpected, but welcome. I hope they don't disappoint with a poor port.

That's how I play my PC games. got 8 hdmi ins on my surround receiver and a long hdmi cable isn't that expensive.

^ This guy understands it. Upscaling games using tools like GeDoSaTo, 60FPS gameplay, AND sitting on a comfy couch is the best thing.

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I don't think Chris Hecker is using the term "fair use" in the right context...

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Martin Talbot still said it the best: "Joe Biden wants to meet with video game developers about gun control. This is like meeting with Hot Wheels about car safety."

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@rebgav said:

It's $100. If you're not willing to gamble such a small amount of money against the quality of your product then you probably shouldn't be submitting it to Steam in the first place.

This so much. Look at XBLA's free stuff, it's an absolute cesspit since it's pretty much free entry. If I was an indie developer, and I had to choose between a $100 barrier of entry versus $50,000 to patch my game (ie. Fez), then the former would look much more appealing to me.

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@NTM said:

@Ramone said:

@FLStyle said:

Hopefully there won't be anyone asking what happened to Greg Kasavin again.

That was the fucking worst.

No, it'll just be about people asking for another Endurance Run...

The whole questions/answers thing was a train wreck. Between the aforementioned Greg Kasavin question to the guy trying to get the GB crew to check out his ghost recon (?) game, I wish they'd just skip it and just keep talking/have more guests.

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Maybe if you had made KOTOR 3 instead.... fuckers. (No I am not bitter).

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I maintain that In the Hall of the Mountain King is the most brilliant piece of music ever created.

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I can't remember who mentioned it on the spoiler podcast, but I was in the same boat as them when I knew the white dots at the end of the white phosphorus sequence were civilians. I immediately recognized that they weren't taking up defenses and weren't moving like the rest of the soldiers were.

It definitely cheapened the experience for me when I couldn't back out of the aiming knowing full well I shouldn't shoot there. I was forced to kill them then told it was all my fault even though I never wanted to in the first place.

Other than that part in particular, the game's story was incredibly well done, and I hope more games (especially those mindless shooters) quickly realize how important a well-written, coherent story is.

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So what about us who already own Doom 3 on steam?

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