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Good, it's great on the 3ds but I'd really like to play on the big screen.

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I think HipHopGamer is sending out a great message, even if his delivery is a little contradictory. I think what he wants is for everybody to be heard if they've got something to say, and not feel like they've got to 'be like everyone else'.

Now, I'll be honest, I've never been discriminated against in my life. I'm a middle-class, heterosexual white male. I don't fully understand what others feel and what they go through when they are the victim of discrimination. However, I am and always have been viciously opposed to discrimination. I find it abhorrent that anyone would ever deny any opportunity to better understand another person's perspective in life.

I love learning and having new, interesting experiences, and if I'm stuck with all the people who are only like me, then I'm never going to have that. I want to meet people who aren't like me. I want to learn about them and from them, and I want to see things from their perspective. I truly believe that every single person you have ever met, or will ever meet, knows something about the world that you don't.

I feel like it's my duty to myself to seek out the things and people I don't know, to see things from the eyes of others, and to share my perspective and unique knowledge with other people. I feel this is my personal duty because it helps me to be a more understanding human being. If I can better understand things and people, I'll be much more prepared to fix things when they break, or to be there for someone when they need support. I want to be curious, and I want to encourage everyone else to be curious as well, because having more knowledge and more perspective can only help you.

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The fact that everyone is getting so riled up over Mountain says to me that this guy made something great, at least as an art piece.

And since everyone is getting all angry over this article, I'd say you did not waste your time writing it, Patrick.

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@altairre: That's spot on, well done. You really captured the "Scandinavian god" sculpt of Drew's face.

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I'm not really surprised. In fact, since the rise of the Oculus Rift in the public conciousness, I've wanted an Oculus unit with the phrase "Carmack's Vindication" engraved on the front.

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An article by Patrick Klepek? About the WiiU? And zombies, too? Sounds like the perfect recipe for an all-out internet explosion of rage.

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Personally, Borderlands 2 is my game of the year, hands down. I've had so much fun with that game, and they improved upon everything that was great in the first Borderlands.

EDIT: I was misunderstanding some stuff. That's gone now.

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I was disappointed that the name margin was so short. I ended up going with Bleach Black. 
The broken graphics creator won't let me upload my designs, though. Sure looks stupid when the Bleach Black team is shredding in Plan B clothes (I don't really wear Plan B, I was just using it as an example.)