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@altairre: That's spot on, well done. You really captured the "Scandinavian god" sculpt of Drew's face.

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I'm not really surprised. In fact, since the rise of the Oculus Rift in the public conciousness, I've wanted an Oculus unit with the phrase "Carmack's Vindication" engraved on the front.

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An article by Patrick Klepek? About the WiiU? And zombies, too? Sounds like the perfect recipe for an all-out internet explosion of rage.

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Personally, Borderlands 2 is my game of the year, hands down. I've had so much fun with that game, and they improved upon everything that was great in the first Borderlands.

EDIT: I was misunderstanding some stuff. That's gone now.

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I was disappointed that the name margin was so short. I ended up going with Bleach Black. 
The broken graphics creator won't let me upload my designs, though. Sure looks stupid when the Bleach Black team is shredding in Plan B clothes (I don't really wear Plan B, I was just using it as an example.)