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@rpgee: So bullshit, right? And the Xbox One is $600. why does the PS4 deserve an extra $50 markup over the Xbox?

Yoshida mentioned on twitter that the PS4 is region free so i think I'm gonna try go about importing mine.

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I have a DAS Model S Ultimate. It seems like it might be exactly what you're looking for. Solid sleek keyboard that isn't flashy. Blue switches, nice and clicketty-claketty. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Just make sure your touch typing is up to snuff because none of the keys are labelled.

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Same here. It allows me to skip ahead if I switch the video quality to "auto" on the bottom right corner though.

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Remember Bayonetta? That had an amazing 2-button combat system!

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@killacam said:

i'm wary of any game that uses operant conditioning as its main pull

Just letting you know that this made me look up operant conditioning on Wikipedia,

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Xbox only?

Damn, I was hoping to have a look at this one. Maybe it will come to steam eventually.

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I haven't played this yet, but my biggest concern is that orbs don't rise out of enemies after they die. (Well at least in the quick look they didn't)

That would be a huge problem for me because all I used to do was the instant ultimate technique by sucking up those orbs... So is that no longer in the game? Do I have to stand there and charge my ultimate technique like a sucker now?

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A friend of mine likes to yell out niggerfaggot when he stubs his toe or something. I think it's hilarious.

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Hey Patrick, just a little typo there. You credited Call of Apathy to Tom Cannon in the sub heading. :)

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First off; horrible post consisting entirely of single sentence paragraphs. Try to string some ideas together for a better read.

Secondly, you're coming off very whiny and self entitled, and from what I understand there are a lot of people like you, "Oh I only pay for games created by small indie teams." Weird hipster nerds using piracy to stick it to the man. I don't have a lot to say to you other than that you're not that special, get over yourself.