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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that banning MW2 in Australia would not have prevented this tragedy from occurring...

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CPU: Intel Xeon X3370 - 4 Core 3.0GHz




MONITOR: Samsung Syncmaster BX2235 - 21.5" LED

OS: Windows 7 Professional

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One of the major issues here as that Neo just becomes a giant powerhouse at the end of the first movie. It's very satisfying to see there, but it doesn't set the two sequels up very well. The viewer doesn't feel any tension throughout the second and third films because they know Neo is a giant badass and will basically succeed no matter what.

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Power/Gatorade before you go to bed.

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@Bocam said:
" Mario Party... That is all. "
Yep. There were some mini games where you just gotta spin the analog stick around really quick.

Ripped the skin off my palm and fucked my N64 controller real quick...  Good times.
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@Dookysharpgun said:
" @Axxol said:
" Most of the characters were boring, and the story was weak, but it was fun. I think that Origins was better. 

"The combat is more involving, but I actually found myself hitting the 'A' button while not even looking at the screen, and still winning the fights I was in."      You could have increased the difficulty to Nightmare. "
I shouldn't have to change the difficulty of a game half way through just to make the combat more interesting, I didn't have to do that in Origins, and I actually regret not nipping that one in the bud earlier.  
Why not? If you aren't finding the combat satisfying I can't think of a reason not to bump the difficulty up a notch. 
You may find that all of a sudden mashing A over and over will not win you fights and you'll start thinking more about tactics, positioning and group dynamics. Give it a shot; what have you got to lose?
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