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You had my exact thoughts about the ending, especially with Royce, if you had just let him kill you at that final boss fight, everyone would have gotten what they wanted in the end. She'd be with her loved one, and he'd be able to reshape the world. Everyone's happy! Even if she wanted to off herself, she could have at least fixed the damage done to the city first, then done it! That would have made way more sense to me.

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I'm gonna pay it, even though I don't like it. I gotta save Paz man, I gotta...!

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Vagrant Story, great game that was overlooked at release!

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@spraynardtatum: You have any pyromancy? It kills the skele dogs very quickly. Also, keep in mind that the dogs sight range is even smaller than yours down there, especially with a lantern. You can generally start the fight with them on your own terms before they can react, killing them. Even at high SLs, letting those things warm up their attack string is fatal.

On topic, this is a very good article @patrickklepek, especially this paragraph here:

"Dark Souls and Spelunky begin with this design premise: watch and learn. If you don't watch, you're punished. If you don't learn, you're punished. But if you do both, you're rewarded with mastery, and Dark Souls bends to mastery. Not only does it bend, it buckles and breaks, respecting the player's ability to learn its rules."

This tells me you understand what people mean when people like me, who played and beat Dark Souls (and Demon's Souls) when they came out mean when we say the game's not hard. Pay attention, and be rewarded!

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Still adding! My FC is 3780 9197 5393! If you add me, say it here or PM me so I can add you!

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Still adding everyone that's posted past mine!

FC is 3780 9197 5393! Add me if you want!

Anyone have a ditto safari?

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3780-9197-5393 Trainer Name: Iuria

Safari Type: Normal (Don't know if I have Dittos though)

Pokemon X

Add me! I'll be adding everyone as well.

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