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I am also a beginner, having only done things for a few game jams, none of which really turned out to be interesting or worthwhile. Those were all solo though, so working with a team would be great.

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Origin ID: RunninRaptor

Zone: US

Don't have any Origin friends, but I predict I will be playing this a ton for the next few weeks.

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Sweet! Can't wait to start playing this again. Be sure to get some Cher on there asap.

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The top of the source reads "Prey, Prey2, Prey 2, FPS, Bethesda Softworks, Human Head Studios, Alien Noire".

Also the countdown is supposed to end on March 1st, at 6pm.

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This is a strange question. Also we have the same avatar.

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I actually finished this for the first time last night. The "Mother" chapter is indeed the best chapter, and creepiest as well. But I still enjoyed the rest of the game, and the story was still pretty different from anything else that I have played, and pretty enjoyable. I actually enjoyed most of the puzzles, mostly because I was they were pretty straightforward and logical, so I didn't get stumped and have to look up a faq, like I frequently do in adventure games. The controls really got on my nerves by the end, and I did run into a couple of crashes, but I just attribute that to playing an old game.

Edit: Oh god, I didn't realize this was a 4 year old thread. I guess the op probably finished it by now.

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Even though the problem has been solved, the mention of Vector makes me laugh.

I had a couple of friends who "worked" there a little while back, and it seemed so insane. As mentioned, they had to pay for the knives that they were to demo to people to sell them. When you sold them, instead of being paid in, like, real money, you were paid in "Cutco Bucks", to buy more knives. Also the "office" was a tiny building in a bad part of town. Even though those assholes gave them my name and number for them to try to recruit me, I am still glad they got out while they could.

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PSN - Introjerk

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