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Paging @snide for special guest CRPG quick look?

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I'm having a lot of fun with this game. The permadeath is one of the aspects that I find myself enjoying; it makes for a much more tense experience.

Karen called on me (playing Maya) to help kill a juggernaut. I'd never fought one of these before. Unfortunately, a horde stumbled into us just after we engaged it, including a screamer.

Karen went down in about five seconds... And I didn't even have time to run away, so the zeds got a double kill. Doh!

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After reading this, I'm glad I haven't played these games, but what an interesting idea. Thanks for writing it up.

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They are probably my favourite two zombie flicks, but both kind of fall off in the last third for me. Specifically, "Jim suddenly becoming a super hero stealth murder machine" in Days, and around about the "hiding in a car to survive nerve gas" scene onwards in Weeks.

I still love them, though.

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A lot of companies don't even bother to say 'Nope, you didn't get the job' and will just leave you hanging indefinitely. From that perspective I have been grateful to hear those words.

Breaking into any industry is the hardest part, it seems. Keep trying. Even failure is practice for the next time.

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From Jeff's twitter:

"Due to some logistical issues we are pulling the Ryan Davis memorial shirt out of our online store. We hope to get this sorted soon. Thanks."

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@lanechanger: Yes, totally. Especially with the cloud thought bubbles.

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@danlongman said:

@make_me_mad said:

It's fun to watch sometimes, but it's also depressing that pretty much everyone involved in every game- Brad and team included- act like complete dicks the whole time.

I have noticed the few times I have tried to watch that they all act like dicks. I just don't watch anymore.

It is pretty depressing how these games seem to breed elitism and jerkery, and more so to hear Brad chiming in on occasion during these streams. I wonder if he realizes that the only difference between him and the players he is berating is that he has a team dedicated to propping up his lack of skill and experience.

As it is, this content is decent background noise. I would be more actively interested if there was more explanation (perhaps Gamespot could supply a mentor/commentator over the shoulder?).

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This is a pretty interesting social experiment. Beyond the pirates complaining about piracy, there is further irony in a game that appears to be taking another game's design wholesale going to these lengths to complain about theft. It is kind of sad all around, really.

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Your blonde Shepard is freaking me out way more than it probably should.