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I thought my answer would be yes, way too much, but looking back over the last few years, I haven't done it too many times.   I'm actually kind of proud, since I've got some OCD / completionist tendencies.  Terminator Salvation is one that stands out...pretty easy 1000 points, so I just stuck with it.

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Thanks for the info...very interesting to see how you handle this & compare to my strategies as a fellow videographer (on a much smaller scale.)

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I'm a long time fan of the series, but also just getting around to playing it.  I've had it from gamefly for a few months and been distracted by Halo: Reach, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age Origins: Awakening.  Figuring I'll start this weekend and guessing I'll feel pretty much the same as you about it.

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You cannot get healthy playing games with Kinect or Move.  That would require real exercise, eating well, and sleeping enough, which any gamer can choose to do.  I think your point is more about perception, though, which I guess could be changed a little to those who aren't really healthy and don't really play games...maybe just seeing people moving around gives the perception that gamers aren't all just sitting on the couch for 8 hours a day drinking Mt. Dew and eating Doritos.

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Borrowing old games from friends might be your best bet for consoles.
I think Tinker is free on games for windows live.  Alien Swarm like someone mentioned and one of the Peggle games is free on Steam.

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batman > superman...just saying
welcome to GB

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How about I add it to my gamefly queue early and see if that unlocks it. doh!

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I appreciate the transparency...when good people do good work in a good way, it's all good.  I'll click on some ads for yous guys, no problem.

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Thanks for all the great E3 coverage.

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Lincoln Force One Out: I'm Prairie Doggin'