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Lincoln Brain Age

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I'm always impressed with Microsoft's E3 showing.  Loved how they focused on exclusives.  I'm interested to see how the ESPN deal works out and what that actually means for consumers...will I actually get content from ESPN that I can't get now?  Not sold on Kinect, but not hating on it either.  If some like it cool, but it probably isn't for me.  I like controllers.
I'll probably remember the new console reveal along w/ the Oprah style give-away.  Oh, Gears 3 looks awesome.

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Ubisoft should spend more time making games, not promoting fake fitness.

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@LunarAura: Half Life 2 is the only game that has given me motion sickness, so you are not alone
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Anyone else have a similar experience to this?  Download steam for mac the day it comes out, install torchlight which you previously purchased for PC, go to load one of your characters and not see them?  Yeah, that definitely sucked.
Torchlight only allows you to load characters from PC to PC or Mac to Mac via steam cloud...not across platforms.  I guess I'll start a new character, but won't have the ability to share items among different characters.  I assume achievements like beating the game with all 3 character classes will still get triggered even if 2 are on PC and 1 on Mac since achievements are tied to profiles.  I guess I'll find out.
I'm still really excited to see great games being supported on Mac - just felt like whining about the primary game I want to play on this platform.
More details if interested:

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"Planet Unicorn, hey"

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I'm pretty happy with it.  I've been a member for over 2 years.  It is definitely no will have games that you wait for and shipping times can be pretty slow.  I save a large chunk of money, though, with the # of games I like to play.  Their used game selection and deals are great, too.  Once every six months, I have $10 worth of coupons and end up buying games like Left 4 Dead 2 for $8, Far Cry 2 for $3.50, Boom Blox for $11, etc.  I recommend it.

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AWESOME idea...another reason why GB is my favorite website, and GB crew are some cool dudes.