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Dos ve donya Comrades.

My name Russian Martian Batman, I am Senior Animator, Brain in a Jar Consultant and Martial Arts expert on Carbon Neutral Games' Lincoln Force. Unfortunately I am bring bad news. As I am sure you all know us here at Carbon Neutral Games are a subsidiarity of Whiskey Media and have been working very closely with the staff of on the development of our 2 flagship game franchises the modern day documentary game BatmanBatmanBatman and the historical piece Lincoln Force. I suppose it would be more accurate to say we were; as of yesterday we have been forced to cease all development on both of these franchises. The rights to both of these game franchises are wholly owned by and a Mr. Ryan T. Davis esq. As has been sold to CBS Interactive and Whiskey Media has been sold to the law firm Berman, Braun, and Batman llc we no longer hold the licences to produce ether BatmanBatmanBatman or Lincoln Force. We here at Carbon Neutral Games wish the best of luck with any further developments of there game franchises. (I have heard a rumor Double Fine has taken an interest in BatmanBatmanBatman)

On a Different note we at Carbon Neutral Games are excited to announce 2 brand new vidergames scheduled for release in 20XX!!! The Mocumentery RatmanRatmanRatman ,about 3 people who dress up as giant rats and "fight" crime in the city of Botham, and Garfield Force the stunning tall tale about how America's 20th president James A. Garfield gallivants around time with Christopher Lloyd's brain in a tin can fighting the evils of the time boards.

I thank you all for your time and as they say "in Soviet Russia, Batman makes game about you."

Russian Martian Batman

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@KaosAngel: none...
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@KaosAngel said:
" Madden 11 is a solid game, nerds don't play Madden...only true Americans like rap stars, singers, and the President of our Freedom loving country. "
Russian Martian Batman agrees with the words of  this comment but not the sarcasm that comes with it.
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fuck cops. Batman is where its at.

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screw borderlands. go play arkham asylum

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@Green_Lantern_Batman said:
" Personally I prefer Batman. "
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I'm against it. All religious places should be converted to the shrine of BatmanBatmanBatman. I will save you.

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is in black and white but for the red eyes

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@Green_Lantern_Batman said:
" I think Green Lantern Batman is the best Batman because he is both Batman and a Green Lantern making him double awesome. "
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@ThornBlackstar said:

OOOO what game is that?