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How would i go about this? like a mix of medium and low and 720p?

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That the master race has won ever generation so far with far superior graphics/60fps, exclusive genres, and a legitimate professional community, not to mention Complete freedom and mod-ability. Consoles are poor man's gaming machines and always will be. Thoughts?

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Sup Duders, Like many people here i was recently banned from game spot for trolling just a little too hard.. To Pass time lets play some Tribes. My username is Ripsaw117. Also make sure to check out the humble indie bundle at some point.

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@TentPole said:

I feel bad for the Splinter Cell team. There are so many divergent opinions on what the games should be at this point. You and alot of other fans are shitting on it for looking too much like Conviction. Ryan is convinced it is not enough like Conviction.

My opinion is that Double Agent was good, Conviction was great, Chaos Theory was really great, and I like the way this game looks so far.

I'm going to disagree and say Conviction was a trashy action game designed for children. Chaos Theory was a masterpiece tho.

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This is my dream game. Artistically appealing, open world, 60 fps and pretty sharp graphics (PC version), Dark (and not childish GOW-style Dark, Closer to Witcher Dark) Main influence is the Thief Series and Bioshock. DEDICATED STEAM-PUNK STYLE, Immersive (first person view and no ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED every three seconds (PC version) ) I'm going to preorder the second it hits the steam stores.

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This game doesn't turn into utter garbage like the last two games. From the looks of it, it appears to be modern Assassins Creed with a depth well suited for 8-10 year-olds... Anyone else concerned with the direction this once great franchise has taken (and the casualization of games in general)?

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The game is average at best without mods... Mods just add so much to the experience