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You missed the point of the article completely, I take it you must be new the to site. Patrick has clearly stated that he does not try to compete with the publishing speed of every little happening that goes on in the industry with news delivery sites, but rather keep up with the style GB was founded on, personality driven commentary on the industry.

If you want newest news, read kotaku or r/games, but don't complain about it when Klepek writes an positive editorial, seriously. GB crew are part of a minority of this snark-ridden games journalism culture, who focus on games themselves with optimistic outlook.

I've been going to GiantBomb since it's humble incarnation and I never came here for the news, but for the humorous personalities and Jeff's wisdom. Spinning a news story into an article about the author just rubs me the wrong way.

However, thank you for taking the time to explain things and not being hostile.

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@rustysanderke: Trolls are really getting low standards these days...

I don't really understand where your coming from with this. I can't imagine what it's like to lose your father. I'm just saying I find it in poor taste to post such a personal matter as News on GiantBomb. Please stop viewing every non-flowery comments as an insult.

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Nice article about yourself, Patrick. Could you write one about Phil now?

This is exactly my response when I read this.

Yeah, the nerve of someone on this personality driven site trying to provide personal insight into what it's like being on the receiving end internet hate and the difficulties of coping with it.

What next, are these guys gonna tell us about their weekends on the Bombcast?!

Oh, wait.

Who do they think they are, telling us their opinion about video games?

Blog posts filled as news about your father passing and you having a thick skin are neither video game news articles or opinions about video games.

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It means it's rendered using a version of same engine as the game on a render farm spitting out a frame every couple of seconds. They're not lying, just deceiving.

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@funkasaurasrex: Please don't get me wrong. I was talking about the platform appropriate pickup-and-play nature of many Nintendo handheld games like Animal Crossing, not their length.

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Is there anywhere people would recommend me to look for best game lists? Maybe that would help people make a decision.

Here's a recent list of Vita games from /vg/, if that helps.

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I bought a Vita at launch for FFX and because I felt like a manchild with the DS in public transit, tbh. As a general rule I'd say, if you want "console experiences" on a handheld get a Vita, if you want quick fun games with a Nintendo polish get a 3DS.

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Is the slow download speed not largely the result of local decryption? In that case I expect it to be vastly improved with new hardware with a dedicated download chip.

The most important question is: will full retail games still cost €15~20 more digitally at launch?

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It's explained on the product page. The price will drop down.

Our pricing for this stage of early access was determined by our Kickstarter. The stages of our early access for ALL users, which was determined during our Kickstarter, is:

June through August: $90 for early alpha access, during the time where we're still locking down features and making tweaks to the flow of the game. This access is permanent access - you will be able to play through alpha, beta and on through retail. (Galactic Edition Equivalent with all addons)

September through November: $60 for beta access. The game will be much more complete at this time, but with a lot of balance work still to do and more optimizations to get it working on as many systems as possible. Same as above, this is beta and turns into a retail version on launch. (Warfare edition equivalent with all addons)

Retail: December 2013 (Combat edition equivalent)

This is the pricing determined over a year ago. Our Kickstarter set these levels, and while we understand people may not like it, it's the decision we had to make.

But that is the schedule if you want to wait until the price drops to a level you're more comfortable with.


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