Good stuff!

So yesterday we were teased by the screencap from dr. strangelove--one of the greatest movies of all time, if you ask me. It got me all excited for what was to come, and sure enough when I woke up and checked the site... it was there! I've been hanging around the site and trying some stuff and posted some comments, and it all feels really solid. I guess, the hard work has really paid off. Sure enough there are still some rough spots here and there, but I'm convinced everyone is doing their best to fix everything as soon as possible.

What strikes me as the most interesting feature is the fact that users can add a lot of content. While it is kind of similar to wiki in concept, I guess I really like the fact that the Giant Bombers have some sort of quality check in place. It is not clear to me exactly how that will work, but I guess there will be a dude that will take a quick look at what was proposed and he (or she?) approves or disapproves the proposal. Anyway, this model seems to make for a ton of stuff to keep users busy. Add to that a steady stream of quality content by the editorial staff and we have a recipe for success; it's great!

Still, I'm kind of worried about how this site will be able to bring in some sort of revenue. I mean, they must somehow turn a profit, right? I don't know. Perhaps I should just learn to stop worrying and love the Bomb!