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No one remembers this game, but XIII nailed cel shading back in 2003.

I remember!


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Maaaaaaaannnnnnn, that music brings back some memories.

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"Dr. Robotnik is such a good name, what is going on with the frame rate in this mother-fucking video game?!"

-Jeff Gerstmann, scholarly gamesman

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@rvone: "oe" is often pronounced as "A". Like Matt Groening is pronounced Grayning. Sometimes it's a short E sound though, like "edipus".

It's my curse for being European. The American pronunciation of some European names and words always throws me for a loop.

EDIT: to me, 'Oestreicher' is pronounced like this. I still remember the first time when someone introduced Jeff on some show; it completely blew my mind. I've gotten used to it, though.

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'Drew of Liberty' seems preferable over 'Sons of Drewberty'.

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Sounds about right

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I thought people saying 'Jason Astriker' was a joke, but now Dan seems to say it as if that is really his name? I'm probably missing something.

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Matt Rorie: "I don't... I don't know how I feel about that."

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Live.life procreate.

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This seems pretty cool. The visual style reminds me a little bit of Transistor.