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So, I have a 660ti graphics card in my PC and also a PS4. What do you guys estimate will look better? My PC or PS4?

I think it will be roughly the same. The difference being that the PC will give you some flexibility where you can sacrifice certain graphical features in exchange for better performance in others. The PS4 version, obviously, will not allow for such tweaking.

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Man, Jeff leaned in hard.

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I'm only 20 seconds into the video and the player picks up an item, then has to hit X to confirm that he picked up the item before the message goes away.

Stay janky, FromSoftware.

Yup, noticed that as well.

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I would like to personally thank Jeff and Dan for their riveting, intellectual, and oh-so necessary conservative bashing segment shortly past the 50 min mark. Because godforbid there's one movie written and directed by a conservative, parodying a known liar and con-artist that both the right and left hate, in a media world full of nothing but liberal writers and directors. Yup, Jeff, it "must've been rough" to watch something that actually doesn't cohere to your political ideology.

I get it; the entire GiantBomb cast are liberals, or unspoken about politics. But it's getting tiring having to listen to this. Not everyone listening agrees with Dan, Jeff, and even Brad's liberal politics. All you're doing is preaching to one side and alienating the other. Just stop. It's being a dick. And I thought the number 1 rule here is to not be a dick.

Also, pro-tip: just happening to fall on the right side of the political spectrum doesn't automatically make you "ultra super right wing neocon." All these "super right-wing" people referenced are typically just people that happen to vote Republican and usually have fiscal conservative ideals. You make them out to be like Pat Roberts when you lump them as "super" or "ultra" "right-wing."


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@jbcrenshaw said:

Jeff threw in a girlfriend reference this week

I heard that and my ears perked up. What happens in their personal lives is non of my concern, but having followed their content for more than a decade and this is one of the first times I heard Jeff talk about "his girlfriend". Keep on being awesome, Jeff.

Yep. Same.

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@rvone: World wide vs US grosses

I see. But is there any rationale for only looking at US figures?

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@rvone: You're missing the point that fact checking is the doom of us all.

Hahaha! So true and I'm sorry.

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@rorie Wait, when you looked up the box office figures for HTTYD and HTTYD2 it sounded way off. So I went and looked and came to entirely different figures:

How to train your dragon: USD 494 million

How to train you dragon 2: USD 487 million

These figures are more than double what you claimed them to be. Am I missing something?

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John Drake is so full of energy and positivity it is both infectious and exhausting. :D

Yup. This bombcast was a delight to listen to. Now if only they could get John Drake and Matt Kessler on at the same time. Hopefully with Jeff present.

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You can say a lot about the Dead or Alive games but that "they don't play that great" is definitely not one of them.