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Longer. They should be longer.

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Just walking around Skyrim but also Civ V.

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This will be the third time that I'm buying this game.

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Editorial Jeff Gerstmann is best Jeff Gerstmann.

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I don't like competitive multiplayer games; I never feel compelled to compete with people in games so 'winning the game' doesn't do much for me.

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Indeed, you're not the only one who didn't like Journey and not liking something is alright; people experience things in different ways. What I'm not clear on is the part where you say that you don't understand the reverence and praise the game received. Not liking something is one thing, but not finding it within or without yourself to understand why others might have a different appreciation of something is quite another.

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@larmer said:

@mrsmiley: Intentional or not, terrible is terrible. I don't think it's good just because the terribleness was on purpose.

Terrible is terrible, indeed. Contradiction, however, is not.

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Gosh, I love this game so much more than the first one.

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@edgework said:

@glitches: Yeah, we're still working on it. I assumed throwing a solution over the wall would magically fix everything but my solution was too simplistic. We're still looking into the finer details. We do see the problems just don't have a good solution yet.

Alright. Will you update this thread once another solution has gone live?

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@edgework said:

@rvone: Progressive will always be your best option. HTML5 is really fringe option for people who don't have Flash or absolutely need the best quality in every pixel. Progressive will almost always give you the best experience because it adjusts to changing conditions on your PC and in the network. But because ZOMG! Its FLASH!!!! People think it sucks.

While I am sure you're right about what progressive will do for me (that honestly does sound pretty good), I have found that cpu usage is higher than html5 increasing battery drain which is why I like to default to html5. I'm not sure if it is some kind of optimization issue on my end but the difference is noticeable.

@rvone: As a subscriber, I default to youtube where possible for QLs and the like, and streaming for premium vids.

I never really used the YouTube option that much. Any benefits for you?