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@rwbladewing: Oh she's actually not an original character? That would make more sense.

It's probably more like, she's meant to be an original character within the DOA-verse but is just an extremely direct reference/tribue.

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Wow, uh, between the name, sidetail hairstyle, default uniform color, and mannerisms, this pretty much IS the character Honoka Kousaka from Love Live! School Idol Project. That can't have been unintentional.

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I think it's more the history of Brad doing this with Game Of The Year stuff, where he kind of browbeats his way to what he wants. It goes beyond spirited debate and feels a bit like a spiteful war of attrition where people are co-erced or filibustered into validating opinions they don't really hold.

I realize this whole GOTY stuff is all in good fun but it's really easy to see it exactly how you've described at times. Alex's arguments about the quality of Destiny being met with a rebuttal along the lines of "Yeah well you already got Mario Kart and Jazzpunk on the list, so be happy with that" is the prime example that sticks out to me from this year.

I also get the impression that Jeff has a lot more fun trying to mess with the others by getting their favorite games off the list than he does getting his own on it, haha.

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Man, hearing some people's stories about the Nemesis and Talon fights makes me jealous. I just completed them and Nemesis was just some random uruk I'd never seen because I managed to go the entire game without dying except to caragors at the start, and I'd previously finished off any other nemeses I'd encountered. And one of my warchiefs instantly enraged upon seeing my caragor mount at the start of the Talon battle and obliterated 4/5 of them by himself. The entire ending sequence ended up being super anticlimactic for me.

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As always, Master of Orion 3. I've never seen another sequel that so thoroughly betrayed everything that made the previous game great.

Dishonorable mention to ME3. That game was at least playable unlike the above.

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I enjoy visual novels a great deal but I was super wary about this as soon as I saw it; even just looking at the cover artwork gave a strong impression that it was a throwaway game with cardboard trope characters and generic non-eroge fanservice designed to rope in desperate otaku for a quick buck. I'm actually sad that it sounds like I was right.

@wolfgame Kara no Shoujo is probably my favorite VN but I'd also add the disclaimer that anyone playing it should be prepared for some pretty extreme violence and dark themes. It's definitely not for everyone.

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Paying the price of a full game for a premium tank in World of Tanks. Stupid sexy IS-6...

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@tamriilin: Do you have a source for this? I felt something like this was going on the entire time I played and would love to see it confirmed as true. My guess had been that the AI's hand was fluid, filled with blank cards that could turn into any card in their deck as the situation demanded, though this would also make sense.

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@fluxwavez: Is that Zidane the FF9 character, or Zidane the soccer player? After seeing Thierry Henry, I'm not sure of anything anymore.

Soccer player

Was this the ultra low quality one that was made up of just 2 still frame photos of him and had only a single headbutt attack with a slightly powered up version as a super? If so, man, I am so sad I missed that. I have very fond memories of watching that thing's "AI" try and fail miserably to beat even the weakest characters in my game (and managing to beat even a few real characters when playing as him myself). Hopefully he shows up again.