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Final Fantasy games: I kinda want to play Lightning Returns due to its faster-paced combat, but it's still JRPG combat

Rogue-likes: the concept of playing a different version of the game every time you played it, but I just don't get into playing games for high scores

RTS games: I liked the first mission of Dawn of War, but I'm actually scared of screwing up where to place all of my resources.

Persona series: I like seeing others play the series, but I found getting Social Links to be to scummy for me. Being the "yes man" for all of these characters made me feel like I was using all of those guys.

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@rolkien said:

Anime is my poison, I enjoy the shit out of wrestling but Anime does things to me. It's like a drug.

This, but without the wrestling part.

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Patrick seems to work harder than the entire SF staff combined. It's kinda nuts actually.

Giant Bomb's articles are almost all from Patrick. It's shocking how that's able to happen and why I always wonder if they're hiring any interns/permanent staff. With Patrick and Alex on the East Coast, they can't even use the excuse of not having enough space in their main office. Would be awesome if GB got someone in Japan/Germany/etc. to cover events in other areas.

Hopefully, it's not an economic issue...

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@razielcuts: I agree. It's always good to have someone with some insight in some area of expertise outside of your grasp telling you what's what. Just look at the 8-4 Play podcasts: the best shows have long-time vets from the game industry just telling people about their experience making games. Hell, the best time at GB for me is E3, when they just bring guest ranging from Jonathan Blow and Jenova Chen to Cliff Bleszinski and Adam Boyes on for hours at a time just talking about their takes on what happened during the conference that day.

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Now I get the feeling news from both of these projects is going to fall off within the next month. You should know this well, @fattony12000: we were on two GB Community game projects that failed before a running prototype was working. Everyone ran away from the projects because they weren't held down to the project. It doesn't help that, most times than not, game jam projects are abandoned after about a week after the jam.

I don't want to be the Negative Nelly, but after the last two "Let's Make a Game GB Project" failures, I've lost a lot of faith in this community to actually put their money where their mouth is when it comes to creating complete games as a collective. However, I do want these projects to succeed; I just doubt the GB community will come to actually contribute in a meaningful way.

This sounds a bit ironic, seeing as though I've been working on the other Windjammers clone by cleaning up the code, changing the controller input for those who don't have Xbox 360 controllers for their PC, and changing the look of the main menu for the game. I guess, as a member of the GB community, I've already proven myself wrong.

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I've been going through the scripts and cleaning up the code, but I don't know what does what. I'm currently going through the PlayerController script, and I'm trying to make the code more portable. This includes placing repeated code in their own functions, reducing the size of other functions, placing comments where explanations are necessary, removing unused variables, and replacing hard-coded values with private variables.

For example in your diveClamp script, you have a lot of values for clamping where the player can dive(?). Speaking of which, I'm not quite sure what the sphere is used for in the game. I assumed it was the player's hand, but it didn't function that way when I was testing it out with my controller.

I also noticed the situation with the ball "disappearing" numerous times. This could be due to your constant use of collision detection rather than trigger detection. The "ball" is colliding with both the trigger on the player and the character controller when it's caught by the player. When that happens, Unity's built-in physics tend to go wonky, causing events such as the disappearing ball you commented on earlier.

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Holy crap! A "Let's Make a Game GB Project" that's actually working!? Sign me up!

I can code and make some simple 3D models in Blender if you need any.

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Now, we need sprites for all of the GB staff to use in the game.

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If what you mean by that question is if I reveal to the world that I like things like anime and video games because I think they should know, then no I don't "own [my] nerdy stuff." That doesn't make me any less of a person for doing so, though.

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Like most people, I've noticed GTA IV running extremely slowly on my Acer laptop. However, I find this particularly odd as I've run games which require higher specs smoothly from start to finish. I just recenlty finished DmC on this computer with little to no graphical hiccups; heck, it ran at 60 fps all throughout my playthrough of the game. I've also been running Portal 2 and Borderlands 2 with ease on High and Medium specs, respectively.

I've also installed the latest patch for the game, and it still runs slowly. Both Game-Debate.com and CanYouRunIt say I should be able to run this game smoothly.

Then again, I've known Rockstar to release abominable PC ports for most of their games.

Here are my specs. Hopefully, they will be helpful in remedying this issue:

Machine Model: Acer V5-552-X418

Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Hard Drive: 500 GB

Memory: 6 GB DDR3

Graphics: ACM Radeon HD 8650G, 512 MB memory

Processor: AMD Quad-Core Processor A10-5757M, 3.5 GHz