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Happy to be part of the Insurgancy Key Dumping Ground!

Here's mine: https://www.humblebundle.com/?gift=rDCbayAHdHXzGzt8

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@yummylee: But, could Tara deal with Dan? From what little I've seen her work, Tara seems relatively straight-forward compared to Dan. Even more concerning: does the GB staff even have the resources to get Tara on board? Unless she's working with GBEast or Patrick, I don't see much space in the GB HQ for another staff member. Hopefully, this speculation comes up false. Despite how little I know of her work, I did enjoy seeing to Tara interact with her co-host when showing off Phantom Dust.

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In celebrating a new Patrick Klepeck typo, I made a quick pick of a quote from his otherwise excellent piece on social zeitgeist in Destiny and other multiplayer games.

It was a slapdash job, but I think it turned out great.

Either way, you guys should check his new article, Social Gaming and the Fear of Missing Out. It's currently on the front page.

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@jeust said:

Thanks for sharing your life experience with us! Cheers

I would also like to add that it's interesting to see you were able to foster enough of a connection with people online -Steam friends, even- they were willing to help you out in a time of true crisis. This must say something significant about your character as a person.

It actually encourages me to play with some people online or talk more on forums.

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I came into this game as someone who's played a ton of Borderlands, and I found almost everything (from the menus and other bits of GUI to the act of firing weapons and melee attacks) to be cumbersome in comparison. I like using the jet boots to traverse around the world, but the world itself is unappealing.

For the majority of the time I spent playing yesterday, I played as a guy with a minigun. That seemed great, but his secondary fire seemed to be a shield of some sort. This would be more useful had I not been shooting at hordes of ant-like creatures that only rush the player and don't have any defenses against someone firing at them from an elevated position.

After a few hours playing as minigun dude, I played a support guy so I could play as a guy with a turret, because of course I would. After I laid down a turret using the game's clunky controls, I just stopped.

Overall, I just wanted to play more Borderlands rather than play more FireFall. Which is why I'm downloading Borderlands 2 again as I speak. I think I'll play as the Psycho character to switch things up this time.

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Here's my test results. Not sure if I can trust them, however: I was pretty tired when I took the test.

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@turambar said:
@razielcuts said:

A game Jeff, and Vinny </3, should QL is what!

I'm sure Jeff and Dan will do it justice.

I was surprised by how respectful they were during the One Piece quicklook.

That QL actually made me sort of curious about watching the anime. If only the guys that made the game as "Spider-Man as a pirate" or something, I may be a bit interested.

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Final Fantasy games: I kinda want to play Lightning Returns due to its faster-paced combat, but it's still JRPG combat

Rogue-likes: the concept of playing a different version of the game every time you played it, but I just don't get into playing games for high scores

RTS games: I liked the first mission of Dawn of War, but I'm actually scared of screwing up where to place all of my resources.

Persona series: I like seeing others play the series, but I found getting Social Links to be to scummy for me. Being the "yes man" for all of these characters made me feel like I was using all of those guys.

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@rolkien said:

Anime is my poison, I enjoy the shit out of wrestling but Anime does things to me. It's like a drug.

This, but without the wrestling part.

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Patrick seems to work harder than the entire SF staff combined. It's kinda nuts actually.

Giant Bomb's articles are almost all from Patrick. It's shocking how that's able to happen and why I always wonder if they're hiring any interns/permanent staff. With Patrick and Alex on the East Coast, they can't even use the excuse of not having enough space in their main office. Would be awesome if GB got someone in Japan/Germany/etc. to cover events in other areas.

Hopefully, it's not an economic issue...