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@tesla: That's all over town for me as well. That, and the old ICQ message tone is also on cash registers.

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I've also heard this song on MLB Network, it seems to get around, lol

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Wasn't in spam, so I emailed Rorie. It was settled in less than a day, thanks!

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I resubscribed back in June, and I never got a $15 off the store coupon. Did this stop happening? Or am I simply unlucky?

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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory multiplayer on Vertigo Plaza. My partner was dead, and I had 1 life left. All I needed to do was spawn, get across the map, pick up the extraction tube, get out, and back to spawn. Got in, and, with some confusion, snapped the necks of both mercs, grabbed the tube, and what followed was the craziest game of cat and mouse I ever had. They chased me all the way to spawn and I was a hair's breath away from dying when I crossed over to the extraction point. To this day I don't know how I did it, but because of it, I'm a lifelong Splinter Cell fan.

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I'm in complete shock, I honestly have no idea what I'm feeling right now, part of me thinks this is all some crazy joke and I should go back to sleep. I'm backlogged on podcasts and now I'm going to catch up knowing that these last few are Ryan's last... it's just surreal. To his family and friends, I know I never knew him personally, but I sat down weekly and listened to him and the crew, feeling like I was there. I can only imagine what you are feeling, and I offer my most sincere condolences. From one Ryan to another, godspeed my friend, you touched many lives in positive ways.

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I absolutely loved the online 2v2 battles on Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. If you couldn't work with your partner, you were done.

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Hey duders, in the market for a web cam for Skype calls, any suggestions? Never had one in my life, and the only thing I really want is for it to not be all choppy when I use it, so decent fps? Thanks.

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#teambrad all the way! Can't see how that wouldn't win. Although... I absolutely love the Flight Club... damnit, decisions.

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