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I will see what I can do. Enjoying that submissions queue? ;)

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I can picture it now...

moderator comment: Already Exists

X 500

Posted by MagusMaleficus

Don't look at me. I could care less about those "games."

Posted by ArclightBorealis

Barely know anything about those games.

Posted by Disgaeamad

Sorry, I'm too busy making small changes to popular game pages that everyone else is editing!

Posted by get2sammyb

Haha - we'll get on those when you start approving things quicker!!

... I jest, I know you guys are working flat out to get everything up. :)

I've never played any of those games though. There will be someone in our community that will have given those games a go though - I doubt you'll be waiting too long before your approving some info on Gitaroo Man. ;)

Posted by AndyWilliams24

Am I the only one who's submissions went through within the hour? :D

Posted by Felix

Your fascination with No One Can Stop Mr. Domino never fails to intrigue me.

Posted by Linkyshinks

Yeah those first three are really obscure games, but Gitaroo Man on the other hand should be filled up within patient time.

Posted by Player1

Ya Ill get to it asap...O wait i've never heard of any of those games. haha maybe i'm just to young. 

Posted by Ryu

Ryan speaks and we shall obey!

Posted by TurboMan

I have a question:

Can anyone stop Mr. Domino?

Posted by Met2609

Sadly, the only game on that list that I have even heard of is Gitaroo Man, and that's because you guys talked about it on the Bombcast.

Posted by Trace

I'd love to do a write-up (at least a basic starter) for Uniracers, but now I'm worried that if I do, someone else will have a submission in the queue in the same time, and...yeah, that would be awkward.

Still, who knows, maybe I'll try tonight. Uniracers was the best game on the SNES, easily.

Posted by Kowalski

Ryan, you just invented a very smart and easy way for you guys to get the content you'd like on this site, without having to waste precious game journalist time doing it yourselves.

You make requests and as your never-questioning, always-complying minions your wishes shall always be granted. :D

Posted by AlexMarra

Yes sir!

Posted by NathHaw

I suppose since I was the one who submitted Gitaroo Man, I should probably write something from it other than the blurb.

Posted by MaypoMan

That's ridiculous, I mean of course someone can stop Mr. Domino... ok no they can't not even God, nor Mrs. Domino, or even you Ryan.

Posted by Vlademir

Yes master.

Posted by albedos_shadow

I heard J. Allard can stop Mr. Domino... with only his mind.

Posted by RobbieH

If you see 1,000 Incredible Crisis submissions clogging up the queue, you only have yourself to blame. :P

Posted by killerjt

I am a hardcore gamer that has been playing seance the NES, and I have not heard of any of thes games.  Glade to see odd games on the site. 

Posted by FoolInjection

Well I did one for Unirally... but I'm guessing so has about half the site.  So I dunno what happens in that situation... do they just pick the best one ?  or amalgamate them all into one big Unirally post ?

Posted by Zeromus1337

I'll see if it can be arranged, it will definitely be difficult against the others who submit this similar content for those pages.

Posted by chililili

Before asking for obscure games get your stuff together on the bulk of submissions pending!

Posted by Usagi

AndyWilliams24, I'm gonna say yes to that.

Posted by Monty344

Yes, someone else wants the Uniraces page filled out. I don't think I can do it. Trying to get unicycle as an object.

Posted by MattBodega

Mr. Domino is still a threat!

Posted by Sweep

Can someone please do what Ryan says and create these pages so I can find out what the hell he is talking about!?

Posted by Dandudelydoo

I added the unicycle object, it got me three points, does that make me master of unicycle? Also, could the unicycle be considered a character in Uniracers?

Posted by frankthelizard

Haven't heard of any of those games, but they sound crazy!

Posted by reich_joyce

I remember being an angsty teen and renaming all my uniracers after rock singers, B. Corgan, M. Manson, L.Reed.

Simpler times! :)

Posted by hazelnutman


Sorry :P

Posted by oGShAdY

By this time it's probably too late for me to make submissions to those games. Not that I was going to of course. I have never played or even heard of any of those games. But like Kowalski said, "you just invented a very smart and easy get...content you'd like on this site". Great idea!

Posted by Sargus

Very solid choices. Uniracers is a personal favorite as well.

Posted by kingmasters

yes sir!

Posted by Brydello

Ah Uniracers and Gitaroo Man... solid games.

Posted by Cowman

Sorry I'm busy trying to fill out games even you haven't heard of.

It's OK if you didn't know about this game.
Posted by zophar53

I posted everything I could remember about Uniracers.  I came up with a surprising amount of info, but someboby probably already did it.

Oh well, this game is a cherished part of my childhood so thank you for taking me back!

Posted by super_machine

Never played any of those. I can promise to add to Fraction Fever and Stip Poker for the atari 8-bit section :-P

Posted by Foil_Charizard

Mr.Domino brakes for no man

Posted by KimFidler

hahah I sent in a blurb for Uniracers on day 2.

Posted by OGCartman

Lol, Nice 42 comments!

Posted by Orange

Uniracers... oh man, awesome game.

Posted by ecofriend

What did the deli ever do to you man?

Seriously, I wanna know!

Posted by JamesF

Anyone else remember Mr. Domino on Button Mashing? :P

Posted by The_Icon

Who's Domino?