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After excruciating minutes of internal deliberations, I've decided to go with @conmused's disturbing blind tongue-bomb demon nightmare! Lot of really good work in here, particularly @hamst3r, @wacomole, and @teddie. If you've got something in progress, or you just wanna take another whack at this, you can be rest assured that I'll eventually get sick of this image and need something else to replace it with. So don't stop!

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@hamst3r said:

I decided to make something gross looking:

ugly glitchy nonsense.

Uhh, I kinda adore this one. This won't win, but it is my total pet favorite right now.

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Awesome Bombcast listeners! If you subscribe to the show through iTunes, you've likely noticed that the promo image has been missing since the redesign. In the process of re-uploading the most recent whodunnit motif image this morning, when I realized that I'm freakin' tired of that image. Much love to @TurboToaster for the art, and it's been a good run, but it's time for a change.

That's where you come in! If you've got something you think fits the bill, post it on this thread, and I'll pick the winner when I see it. How does a free piece of Giant Bomb merch sound as a reward? Well, too bad, because that's all we've got!

My only guidelines here are:

1. The image must be 1400x1400. This is actually a requirement handed down by iTunes.

2. No copyrighted business. You're free to steal staff images or old site art, but f'real, you'll have a far better chance with original designs.

And that's it! Go nuts, you guys!

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Oh quit being such a bunch of goddamn pussies. It's a harmless Internet video! It's like being scared of The Misfits, or Count Chocula.

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This is terrifying and awesome. A perfect Halloween present!

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In case you missed it during our PAX Prime 2012 panel, we recently announced a loving, trust-based partnership with our friends behind the incredibly distasteful parlour game Cards Against Humanity, with a limited-edition Giant Bomb-themed expansion pack as the expected fruit of this eldritch coupling. For those not already familiar with Cards Against Humanity--either from its multipleThursday Night Throwdown appearances or its generally increasing cultural profile--it's essentially Apples to Apples or Mad Libs, but calibrated with Swiss precision for a nuclear brinksmanship level of offensiveness. So, you know, right up our alley.

As with the core Cards Against Humanity experience, crowdsourcing ideas for new cards for our expansion pack is an important part of the process, which is where you come in. There's a special page already up at Cards Against Humanity Dot Com where you can submit your stupid ideas--ideas that we will, no doubt, mock derisively when the Giant Bomb and Cards Against Humanity staffs (staves?) meet up to decide which cards will make the cut.

Feel free to submit any of your favorite Giant Bomb references, or just whatever funny, absurd, random, offensive thing that springs to mind, though know that one of our main goals here is to make an expansion worthy of one of our favorite games that'll be fun to play, even for those who don't know why that deer is wearing a wrestling mask, and don't care. (Example: me!)

Either way, whoever wins, we lose.

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The Giant Bomb staff 100% supports these terrifying efforts. Armchair critics need to CAN IT. You don't know what we think of this stuff.

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Hey guys! SO, with pretty rare exception, we've done limited runs on our shirt designs for a while now, with only the occasional reprints. It was a decision based on the idea that, in our lean start-up days, we didn't want to risk having a bunch of t-shirt inventory that we couldn't sell. A sense of rarity didn't hurt our ability to sell what few shirts we produced, either, but the underlying idea was that we didn't want the supply OR the demand to outstrip each other too severely. Don't take this as a promise or announcement, but it's an approach that I've definitely been thinking critically about for a while now.

What I can say, though, is that we're working on new designs right now (and by "we", I of course mean Giant Bomb t-shirt savant ).

Also stickers. Do you guys like stickers?

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Ladies and gentlemen, during tonight's Lantern Run, I made a terrible mistake with my language, one that I immediately recognized as hurtful, embarrassing, and just categorically inappropriate both personally and professionally. Giant Bomb has certainly been known to "work blue", but that kind of language simply has no place on Giant Bomb--and, frankly, in the world at large--not now, not ever. I was shocked myself when it came tumbling out, and instantly felt like the worst piece of shit in the world. Context is meaningless, because that word comes with too much of its own hurtful baggage to ever possibly justify.

I want to be crystal clear here: I'm saying this not because of some corporate mandate or some fear for my job. I'm saying this because it's important to me personally that I acknowledge the significance of what was said, and to own it. I feel miserable because that's not me, and it's horrifying to me to think that someone would take that awful outburst as some sort of implicit approval to use that word. That shit is just indefensible. As such, the archived version of the Final Lantern Run will be edited, though I wanted to make sure that this message got out there first, and that people know that this isn't a cover-up.

All I can ask for now is forgiveness for my gaffe. If you can't manage that, I understand, and hope that you can at least give me a chance to prove that I am better than what you saw of me in that deeply regrettable moment of frustration.

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The only time I've been to Atlanta was five or six years ago, when my younger brotherwas still in high school, and he was involved in the FIRST Robotics competition, which held its national finals at the Georgia Dome. Can't say I saw much of the city, but even in 2005 I knew I was living in the future when I watched thousands of kids cheer on as teams of hand-built robots fought each other to the death.

It was a little humid, but definitely the two worst things about Atlanta are the unbridled hordes of zombies roaming the streets, and the lack of Quiznos.