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Irregardless of whether or not we're supposed to do one, I've slapped together an entry for this week.

Also, in the most deeply of ironic twists, Drew will, again, be out of the office for Dirt TNT. It's a single day trip, it just fell on precisely the wrong day!

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Irregardless is not a word, btw ;)
*feigns shock* It isn't?

Fuck you both. Irregardless is the best word.

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@Ryan: @snide: So are we, or are we not, waiting for a new template for next week? Based on what Ryan said, it's just a 640x360 image with no fonts or placement to standardize. Dave told us to wait, as did Ryan on the Bombcast, but as you can see, a couple didn't seem to see/hear that (or care). I just want to know before I, or someone else, potentially waste their time tonight/tomorrow working on one.

To my knowledge, it's time to go nuts! GET TA HOONIN'!!!

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Hey guys, Ryan with some details on the new TNT promos. We'll be abandoning the wide promo unit in favor of something that meets the same dimensions as our player window: 640x360. Here's what that'll look like on the front door.

There will be a general TNT text treatment, plus a little descriptive text, on the right-hand side, so you need not worry about those details. Feel free to include the game's logo (if available) in the main image, though this is not a prerequisite. Also worth noting that the countdown timer in the lower left corner of the image will be dynamically overlayed, so it's probably smart to keep any critical bits of imagery out of that area.

That's the basics, Dave and I will be keeping an extra-close eye on this thread if you've got any questions or are looking for some specific design feedback.

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Congrats to @buzz_clik! I knew it was over as soon as you posted that.

I loved your Penguin treatment, but nothing beats Gene Wilder.

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Okay, I'm just going all out goofy with this week's entry.

Tuck a little penguin Will Smith in there, and we have our hands-down winner.

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Some terrific entries this week, thanks to everyone for participating. I wanted to give special props to B0nd07 for the text treatment, one of the best I've seen here so far. We had a good turnout of viewers and players this week, and I think that's due at least in part to the high quality promos we got!

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@JonDavis said:
" Welcome Pat. 

The only thing I ask from you is that you don't constantly brag about your muscles and fitness routines at the gym.

I'm looking at you, Nicholson. Idiot.
Probably shouldn't call him "Pat" then, bro!

Also, name-calling? Bad form. I never liked Korn anyway!
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Ferco wins! Great stuff this week you guys.